Plz help me choose between these dual xeon mobo

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Plz help me choose between these dual xeon (nocona core?) mobos:

Asus NCCH-DL (875 based)
Gigabyte GA-8IKHDW (875 based)
Gigabyte GA-9ITDW (E7525 based)
IWill DH800 (875 based)

The system will be used for Pro Audio processing powerhorse (on-board
audio is positively won't be used). The considerations are (in
prioritized order, from high to low):
1. Stability
2. Performance/processing speed
3. Extendability
4. Cost

Unfortunately, there's also a budget limit, which is $600 (could be
stretched for a little bit) for mobo AND one Xeon processor (the other
processor will be added in a near future).

Plz help.


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