Please Post Suggestions Selecting New MoBo/CPU/Memory...

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Hello group!

I was in Europe for two years, and left an old Abit-BP6 based desktop
system behind in the U.S.  When I built it in 2001, it was a good(not
great) performer with 512 mb and dual celeron 500s.

For a couple years in Europe, I've used a laptop with a P-4 2.2 ghz.
I also had a 2 ghz celeron based system on a giga-byte board in Kiev
the last year.

Back home in the US now! My old twin 500mhz BP6 is slower than
molasses! Video files skip, Agent takes forever to sort/update new
groups, so on.

What's a good performing board/CPU/memory configuration at a
reasonable cost? I've been out of touch with new developments in
hardware, and the number of selections are overwhelming.  If possible,
I want to salvage as much old equipment as possible.


Not into games, but I do some amateur video editing with large files.
Also, I often work with/analyze large data files for research.  WinXP
preferred OS.

Current equipment I hope to salvage: Matrox Marvel AGP 4X TV video, 2
WD 80 GB HDDs, Turtle Beach/Voyetra Fiji sound card (ISA)



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