Pixels missing in Laptop LCD screen...any cloues?

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My Acer 521iT Laptop has been a happy chappy for some years.
A while back our eX-cat pissed on the keyboard.
Being a handy sort of chap I promptly stripped the keyboard down
and gave it all a clean and reassembled.
Not a small task for those who may consider trying it on a
Sunday arvo after a few beers!
Anyway..on startup the Space bar, the B and V keys will not work.
No problem I can get by without them :-)

Cat piss is better than human resolve, I tell you:-^

That was weeks ago.
Just a few days ago I notice 1 line of pixels gone.
Right where the toolbar icons sit in Autocad.
Today I have probably 20 lines missing in around the same area
Tell me this is the LCD accelerator that is shot or something, refresh me, I
Next course of action is.......

Re: Pixels missing in Laptop LCD screen...any cloues?

my guess is the the cable plug fm lcd screen to mobo has
worked loose.

Re: Pixels missing in Laptop LCD screen...any cloues?

Thu, 14 Jul 2005 11:51:19
 "~Avery Anderson~" posted:

Quoted text here. Click to load it
...err  umm .. next guess??
Same area I now have maybe another 30 lines gone.
In Word there are no icons visible..bummer!
That lead is darn small but it is held in with some
100mph tape of some fashion.


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