Pending HD failure

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I have a homebuilt system running 3 HD's: 2 SATA Raptors in a RAID 0 config,
and an older IBM ATA Deskstar for storing  back up data. The ATA disk is
partitioned, with 5MB being allocated for Windows (XP Pro) virtual memory.
When running Diskeeper (ver 8, updates installed), the RAID config
defragments fine, but the ATA drive takes 15-20 minutes, usually freezing
for a long period at about 75% complete. It also uses a huge amount of
resources- I can't access other programs or even get a menu by clicking on
the desktop "Start" icon. The front panel LCD freezes until the defrag
process makes it past 85%. Does this sound like a pending disk failure or
would moving the data off the disk and reformatting it fix the problem. I've
run checkdisk with no errors found and done a "boot-time" defrag. So far, I
am able to access and save/edit data on the disk. The disk has about 80%
free space.

Gigabyte K8NNXP w/754 pin AMD64 3200
1 MB (2 X 512 MB) Mushkin 3500 Lvl 1
Antec 430 W power supply
ATI 9800 Pro
2 36 GB Raptors (RAID 0)  1 ATA HD
Plextor 708A
USB 2 cardreader
Unibrain Firewire PCI card
Crystal Fontz 634 LCD
FrontX panel


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Re: Pending HD failure

Fitz writes:

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It sounds like a pending disk failure.  If you can run offline
diagnostics against it, try those, but the symptoms sound like an
impending failure.  Make sure you have back-ups.

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Re: Pending HD failure

Suddenly, without warning, Fitz exclaimed (14-Aug-05 8:28 PM):
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Yes, I'd say your drive is going south.  My IBM ATA Deskstar recently
died, the warning signs were very subtle - a single SMART warning months
ago, a very occassional problem at boot time.  No problem with chkdsk or
any other diagnostic tho.  Then, suddenly - POOF! - it was gone.
Seriously.  One day I woke up to a BSOD, and that's all she wrote.  I'd
get the data backed up off it right a way.

You could try doing a low-level format on it (might try that on this
one) but as far as my drive's concerned, I'd never trust it again with
something important.


Re: Pending HD failure

I moved all the data off the drive, ran IBM's Disk Fitness Test, and the
drive failed (corrupt sectors). I ran the repair program and the DFT said it
was successful. I reformatted the drive using Windows and then copied the
data back. Ran Diskeeper, and it went through it in less than 2 minutes.
Been a few days now, and so far, all seems well. Since this is a backup
drive to my RAID drives, I'll probably continue to use it until someone has
a smokin' deal on Maxtor or WD 80GB or larger drives.

Thanks for the help...

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