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PCI slots are wonderful things, let you connect all manner of
wonderful circuit boards to your pc that do many wonderful things.

Or in theory they should do. Mine however appear to do little except
take up room on the motherboard, despite trying 4 different ethernet
cards in them.

Everything else is fine, just the PCI slots to go.

Abit AN8 Fatal1ty
AMD 64 3700 San Diego Core
Radeon X50XT
Kingston RAM - 1Gb DDR 3200
Tagan 480W Low Noise Power Supply

Not flashed the BIOS as that sounds scarey. Any ideas?


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Re: PCI Slots

mooby wrote:
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Is there something wrong with the MB's onboard ethernet port or do you
need two of them for some reason? When you install one of these ethernet
cards on the system what happens? Is it detected during the OS's startup?
John McGaw
[Knoxville, TN, USA]

Re: PCI Slots

Hmm I tried my decoder ring to see if there was a hidden message.

Your saying that:

 the cards seem not to be powered?
The system doesn't see the cards?
windows doesn't see the cards?
everything loads, but the cards don't work?
the cards seem to load but no traffic will pass?

Start with a 'configuration reset' after you install into a slot, other than
the one under AGP (if applicable)
this is in bios/cmos setup routine.. " 'X' to enter setup " x being whatever
your bios dictates at start up.
The wording may be different.

if that doesn't work try,
cmos clear..jumper on the board or a special key combo (depending on bios
and board) manual time!

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