PC wont boot no reponse nothing!!!! MOBO burn out????

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My system was a perfect one until today with no problems but however to
my stupidity I was using a LC420 PSU for 1 years now the other day I
was vacuuming the room and I moved the multiplug  connector to clean it
and the pc suddenly shut down, this was very strange as I have done it
before and it never gave me problems. Now here begins my nightmare,
firstly let me post my system specs

P4 3.2E Prescott
Zalman Cu heatsink (huge one)
SATA Maxtor 200 gig, 300 gig
Dual channel corsair value ram 1024 mb (2 x 512)
Asus P4p 800 E deluxe MOBO
Audigy 2 ZS
5 cooling fans

Now the system doesn't boot up neither does the fans or anything I
don't hear a single sound. However my mobo LED is lit. So thinking
the obvious I purchased a new PSU Enermax all in one modular 500 W. Now
still there is no sound absolutely nothing which leads me to believe my
old PSU was fine (eventhough I will never use that again for this
system). Now taking off everything and leaving only the power on the
mobo returned no results as well.

I have to go today and remove it totally out of the casing and see
whether I get lucky with that.

Now that's the situation in a nutshell any of you guys have seen
stuff like this? I have been in this field for 13 years now and have
experienced burned out RAM, bent processors, faulty PSU's but never a
problem like this, its frustrating and I wonder whether any of you guys
have a solution???

Could it be the CPU or will it help getting a new mobo but still with
the risk of removing the old CPU from the socket and ruining the pins
along with the huge zalman heatsink cooler fan.

Thanks for your help!!!

Re: PC wont boot no reponse nothing!!!! MOBO burn out????

Before anything happens when you press the power button, the bios has
to wake
the computer up, waking the cpu turns the main supplies on
which are seperate
from the very low power standby supply.

If the Bios battery is flat, nothing
ain't gonna happen so it's well
worth to check this.

The other week I kept
having 'please insert disc' after the bios post
as though I had a  HDD failure,
turned out to be the bios battery -
everything in the bios was set

Even with all the drives disconnected inc the HDD you should
get the
'beep' which is the POST bios Power On Self Testing stage, getting
POST beep ought to be your aim.

Take a good look at power supply socket on the
mobo and 'visually'
check the terminals do they look as though they have been
They do come loose and they do burn,  have a good look round and see
you can see any swollen capacitors (caps for short),  look for any
swollen tops
or gunge leaking from them, their tops should be nice and

The CPU can be
removed easily providing you pull it straight but
should be the last resort and
always use a new thermal pad or new
heatsink compound cleaning the old stuff
off, no doubt trying it
another unit will prove if it's ok after which only
leaves the mobo
which seems too much of a coincident.


Re: PC wont boot no reponse nothing!!!! MOBO burn out????

On 2 Mar 2006 01:52:18 -0800, onarol@gmail.com wrote:

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The first thing to try is clearing the CMOS.  Beyond that,
if a visual inspection of the system interior (and checking
seating of certain cards like the video) shows nothing out
of place, AND since you've tried another PSU, I'd suspect
either your motherboard battery is dead or the motherboard
itself is.  It could easily be the video card though, if you
had a loose mounting screw and shifted the monitor cable,
that'll do it.

Re: PC wont boot no reponse nothing!!!! MOBO burn out????

Thanks all you guys for your help, now my dilemma is as goes...

I can buy a new socket 478 mobo for real cheap but if my processor is
busted it will take some looking around to get a darn socket 478
processor. Secondly with all the effort to look for that I might as
well go in for the upgrade to a 775 processor then what would happen is
the obvious the mobo will have to be 775, frickn VGA will have to be
changed, then I would have to say bye bye to my pc 3200 DDR sticks
among many other things I have to change.

But I wonder whether any of you guys know but my mobo was purchased 1
=BD years ago and it still frickn retails for 98 euro. Asus says 3 yrs
limited warranty, I am wondering if I do go ahead and purchase another
mobo could I still RMA this and get something back for this.

As stated in my previous post I went today and took the mobo out and
placed it on ASD bag and still no luck guys!! And now comes the hard
part have you ever tried removing a heat sink which weighs almost a
darn kilo out of your processor that's real fun and delicate as you
can imagine. Now I have the processor with me and even though the pins
are slightly bent it still sits in properly so I will only know once I
receive my new mobo if not there goes the dough for another processor.

FYI there is no capacitors which are leaking with gunk or anything or
even inflated you know, this is real puzzling as you can imagine so
'low and behold' today upon receipt of my new mobo.

But a busted VGA alone cant be the reason for this sudden non activity
right, I remember one user posted this, because if VGA was busted my
psu fan would at least spin, no?

That's the 411 on my side for the moment.

Re: PC wont boot no reponse nothing!!!! MOBO burn out????

On 3 Mar 2006 01:22:50 -0800, onarol@gmail.com wrote:

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Processors don't generally fail, unless there was some other
failure first like very severe motherboard problem or the
heatsink fell off.

Quoted text here. Click to load it

Do not ever place anything on an anti-static bag, pad, mat,
etc, then try to run it.

Anti-static is specifically meant to conduct electricity and
it has been know to prevent (good) parts from working.

Quoted text here. Click to load it

Yes I have taken a heatsink off before, it's not hard
usually.  Sometimes some parts need taken out of the system
for better access or other times it's stuck on from the
thermal pad so the pad needs heated up- if the cpu isn't
getting warm/hot when the system is turned on, point a
hairdryer into the sink with the fan removed.

Quoted text here. Click to load it

Your power supply fan never spins?  If that is the case, you
most likely have a bad power supply and it, not the
motherboard, needs replaced.  Could be the board is bad too,
but it is not necessarily bad, one step at a time and it
seems the PSU is the first step-

Take a multimeter and measure the voltage.  Disconnect it
from everything (from motherboard too), but a hard drive
then short the PS-On pin to ground (pin 14, usually a green
wire) to see if it then turns on.

Re: PC wont boot no reponse nothing!!!! MOBO burn out????

Firstly let me thank all you tech heads for your help as I told you
this was a weird problem and one that could have sent me around the
bend if you know what I mean!!

Ok I nearly busted my CPU 3.2 P4 cpu by bending 6 pins after that I
used the infamous credit card straightening solution and I am rocking
now, which reminds me now I can go ahead and make my older 2.4 P4 which
had similar problems but with standard intel thermal paste but those
pins are in much worse conditions than these ones!!

Ok back to where we were I concluded that the problem was with my mobo
so this means I have an extra psu lying around yes I wont knock the
LC420 psu but nevertheless guys take my advice and buy only Enermax or
Antec it is expensive but nevertheless worth it all the way!!!!

So this means my p4p800 - e deluxe which is a top of the line socket
478 board will have to be RMA'd but I hope my vendor will take it
back nevertheless I am ready to bear the loss as my new mobo which is
an ASROCK  VIA P4M800  is the solution for the moment, cheap and the
reason I got something this cheap was in case it was not the mobo and
something really really different then. So all is fine at the moment
and I am back to installing custom fans all over my casing to give it
the ventilation it deserves especially with prescotts!

Thanks again for your help will be around here looking to help anybody
else with their tech nightmares!!

Re: PC wont boot no reponse nothing!!!! MOBO burn out????

On 6 Mar 2006 08:37:44 -0800, onarol@gmail.com wrote:

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Sometimes it is easier to use a mechanical pencil (with the
lead removed) than a credit card and that also seems easier
to get closer to 90' again with the CPU.  In rare cases
where a pin is bent down quite far (more rare in that by
this degree of bend, a pin would likely break off), I've
successfully uses a metal hooklike tool, a bit like a dental
tool but meant for soldering.  You might not have the
specific tool but the point would be to use that to start
unbending the pin just enough to get the mechanical pencil
tip over it.  

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