PC will POST ok but go no further

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Most of the time, my new PC manages to load up WinXP Home SP2 with no
Every so often, however, the following occurs:

I press the power button and the PC is heard to POST. After that, however,
it does nothing. The monitor is still set in standby (the power led does not
go from amber to green) and nothing further is displayed on the monitor.

By turning off the PC and starting again, more often than not, everything is
ok and will continue to load up. On rarer occasions, I may have to repeat
the procedure a second time.

While not a major headache, I would still like to know why sometimes I have
to go through this process.

I have the following:
Antec 400W PSU,
Athlon 64 3500
Asus A8N5X motherboard
1GB Corsair matched memory
3 HDDs

I have everything set up as normal (no overclock settings) and practically
all the BIOS set to defaults.
I had been told by someone that the CPU clock could be causing the problem
if not matched with other bits of hardware, but I cannot find anything in
the BIOS that allows me to change that (only voltages).

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Re: PC will POST ok but go no further

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I had precisely the same symptoms until I sorted out the following,

main connector plug from new PSU to MoBo...........with power is off, remove
this plug from the MoBo and with a pair of long thin nose pliers, pinch in
each socket (20 off)

did it for me

Re: PC will POST ok but go no further

On Wed, 07 Jun 2006 19:45:56 GMT, "Martin C"

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What video card and which version of Antec 400W?  Could be a
marginal supply for that particular combination of parts,
and now as it degrades a little with age...

You might also check Asus' site for any seemingly related
bios releases.

You should not need to change the CPU clock, leave it on the
defaults.  Leave all the bios settings on defaults until you
have specific reason to change one.  "Practically" all set
at defaults doesn't tell us much since it could take only
one wrong setting (like a turbo/etc memory setting) to
interfere with proper posting.

Check all the cables, if they weren't seated 100% they may
work loose over time, or you might just unplug them, inspect
and replug them just to be sure.

You might unplug some of those HDDs and other misc
components non-essential to POSTing or basic windows booting
and testing to see if that improves the successful POST
rate.  If it does but no particular part seems faulty, it
would tend to suggest the PSU is the problem.

Re: PC will POST ok but go no further

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If there's nothing on your screen then it hasn't POSTed correctly regardless
of what your computer thinks it's done.  The very first thing that happens in
in POST is memory check and video check.  Anything wrong with those and you'll
you'll get a sequence of beeps to identify the problem.  Apart from that,
there's usually an attempt to put something on screen identifying the problem.
A POST card may be useful here but if you're asking these questions I doubt
you'll have one.

There is a possibility that there's something wrong on the display side of
your graphics card that can't be detected by anything on the bus, but I'd
tend to discount that possibility at least initially.  More likely is your
monitor lead isn't fully home.

What happens after POST?  Do you get booting sounds from the disk or does it
just hang?

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Another possibility given that is thermal creep: it's difficult to say what
might be wrong but I'd suggest re-seating CPU, memory and video card in
their respective sockets as a first port of call.  Other posters have
suggested maybe PSU issues: usually I discount that but it is a possibility
here given the nature of the problem.

Andrew Smallshaw

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