PC CPU for Video Editing, 2D-Graphics - No gaming or internet

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Hello All,
could someone kindly advise on a CPU for doing video work, converting.
P-Shop, and DTP. No 3D Graphics
I want to put a machine togeter just for that, with 3GB of RAM. Not to
specific about the
Graphics card, 64 or 128MB I'm sure is fine.
To Optimise this, hope I got this ok, Plse advise better. This is the best I
can think of.
4x Sata HD's
One 300GB, partitioned 2x. 20GB for Win 2k-Pro. The rest for Applications.
40GB partitioned 2x. One 20GB for P-Shop Scratch disk, the other for
Intervideo & Nero Cache.
One dedicated for Windows V-MEM
The other for Backup with True Image & temp files. And a partition for
Vertual Images
For Farstone Virtual CD, and DVD's.
No Gaming for this machine, and no Internet. Although, I may need to install
IE 6 still as I've
had Applications that have needed this.

I would guess, if asked, the Pentium D. But I want to make sure.

Cheers for any help


PS. I have just started to search, doing a google for cpu reviews,
a lot of reading, but not a lot of direct help. A lot of benchmarks for
games, that's all.

Re: PC CPU for Video Editing, 2D-Graphics - No gaming or internet

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Yes, a Pentium D sounds fine. A Conroe (Core2 Duo) would use
less power, but supply of those will be tight for a while.
The first Conroes to appear will either be the low end or
the very high end, with nothing in between (the rest probably
went to Dell and Apple and the like). If you are willing to
wait a while, then Conroe is still a possibility for you.

With disks, I guess I have a different philosophy. I don't bother
to over-optimise disks. I run my systems with one disk
for everything, plus a second disk for backups. The second
disk can be in a tray, for easy removal from the computer.
The backup disk should not be forced to be powered up all
the time, as a means to improve reliability. For example,
if the power supply fails and burns all the hard drives,
it helps if the backup drive is sitting in the corner
when it happens. You can even use an external enclosure,
if the backup can run overnight.

I used to do things just the opposite. I did have a
computer with seven disks in it, but that generated
a lot of noise, and I had a couple disk failures. I
use fewer disks now, less rotation, less failures,
less heat. And the disks can be spaced in the trays,
leaving a larger gap for cooling.

All the caches and scratches can sit on the main disk.
If you do want to do something that makes a difference,
you could use two disks, make one a Raptor 10K RPM disk
(place scratches, boot files, and swap on there) and use
a second slower 7200 RPM disk for long term storage. A
third drive is used for backups and put in the corner
when not doing the backup. The Raptor has reduced seek
time, which can make things a bit snappier.


Re: PC CPU for Video Editing, 2D-Graphics - No gaming or internet

Hi Paul, thanks ever so much for the reply, and advise.
That does sound good. Good point about the faster disk for the main drive.
And keeping my backup data safe in the corner, much better.
I shall think about the wait for for the CPU. I may do, since the machine
using is old. PIII 550, slot 1 on an Abit BE6 II. Think I put that together
about 99, 2000. So waiting a little longer. Yet, whatever I got now, I would
notice the difference. I was going to the computer fair this Saturday to
pick the bits up.
But I may just wait. I will let you know.

Many thanks again Paul.



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best I

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