P4C800-E Deluxe and ATA133 RAID

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I have a friend with an Asus P4C800E-Deluxe mobo (Intel 875 chipset) who
needs a very large amount of storage on one drive.  It will not contain the
OS or programs and will be designated as D:.  I've ordered two 500gb PATA
drives that I intend to set up on the Promise controller as RAID0, making
one 1TB partition.  I'm not worried about the inherent risks of RAID0
because she will maintain backups in multiples, on- and off-site.

Has anyone created a RAID0 array this large?  WinXP (SP2) can handle a 2TB
basic volume, so that should cover the OS.  What about a hardware
requirement or any other possible issue I may run up against?


Re: P4C800-E Deluxe and ATA133 RAID

I think WinXP can handle a 2TB storage space. but I'm a little worried
about the RAID Controller. I've worked with large volumes on better
RAID controllers and one problem we usually ran into was low memory on
the controller reduced the performance of the RAID Drive. Unless
preformance is not an issue.

Also, this is ancient history relative to now, I've tried to make a
RAID 1 with an older Promise RAID controller (maybe 2 years ago)  (IDE
ATA 100) but scrapped it because the controller was grinding my HD's
(lost 2 new 100g drives within a week of each other).

But I suspect that Promise has fixed a lot of problems since then.

Re: P4C800-E Deluxe and ATA133 RAID

shamanxia@gmail.com says...
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I've not seen any of the controller cards, in the last 5 years, cause
failures of drives unless they were already defective, and then it
wasn't the controllers. I've used about every IDE/SATA RAID Controller
on the market.

Most of the "Motherboard" RAID options don't have onboard RAM for the
RAID controller, they really don't need it in most cases as the typical
home user won't notice the difference.

Many quality RAID controllers do have CACHE RAM, but they are not cheap.

Also, drive grinding/noise, means a drive failure is about to happen.


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Re: P4C800-E Deluxe and ATA133 RAID


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Agreed, if the card works at all to run the drives it's
quite unlikely to be defective enough to kill them.

Often people use exact same drive(s), purchased at same
time, same place even, so if one make/model has a flaw
several drives may be effected.

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