Opinions on Patriot RAM/What RAM you using?

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Who amoung you have used or are using Patriot brand RAM?  I understand
that there is some TCCD RAM by them.  Do you guys like the stuff?  I am
poor but am trying to build my first dream system in nearly 10 years.

Naturally, I'd get Corsair XMS or something if I could afford it, but I
cannot really.  It seems to me that there are other brands than Corsair
that I very good, even excellent, but Corsair is the Intel of high
performance RAM sticks from what I see.

So, what do y'all think about Patriot?  How about OCZ?

What RAM do you like and what module is it?  What do you have it clocked
to and what are the timings?


Re: Opinions on Patriot RAM/What RAM you using?


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I have a couple of sticks of Patriot 512MB 2,2,2,5 TCCD running in dual
channel on an Asus P4C800E-Dlx board.

I have a 3.0C, and can run a mild overclock without touching the CPU or RAM
voltages or RAM timings.

From ~3.3 Ghz up to 3.6 Ghz, I must relax my Patriot timings to  2.5,3,3,7,
but still use stock voltages on RAM and CPU. :)

So, Patriot RAM (at least my sticks) seem to run super without over volting,
but are pretty sensitive to FSB. But hey, a .6 Ghz overclock on 2.5,3,3,7 on
stock voltages isn't bad!

To tell you the truth, I rather have what I have now than a 4.0Ghz overclock
with very relaxed timings and heavily overvolted RAM and CPU. If I had a
more overclockable CPU, who knows where it would all go?

-- Bob

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