Opinions of the Corsair XMS XPERT memory modules

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Hello all. I'm building a SLI gaming computer and I'm thinking of purchasing
1 gigabyte of Corsair XMS Xpert TwinX3200LL.with the motherboard I'll be
using which will be the MSI K8N NEO4 Platinum/SLI.  I was impressed with the
specs which included low latency, overclocking capability and most of all
the LED programmable display with I think will look too cool in the case
that I will be using which will be a Lian Li PC-V1000-BOW (Bolt On window)
but I'm most concerned with the quality and the overclocking capability. I
would like to know what others who are using this type of memory think of
it. How efficient is it?. Does it make your system run better, faster ? what
do you think of the LED display. Please give me your input. Your prompt
replies will be appreciated.

Thank You

Re: Opinions of the Corsair XMS XPERT memory modules

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I've got this stuff in a machine I built about a year and a half ago.  Ran
rock solid at 210 FSB for a year (Barton 2500+ unlocked) then started
getting flakey. It will still run at 200 all day without a hitch, but start
pushing it, and it flakes out again. Randomly. When I was first playing with
it, was able to make FSB of 220+ but the heat on CPU was too much unless I
wanted a jet for cooling. Now it won't even take 205. Sigh.
Since it is stable at it's rated speed, figure no sense in trying to RMA it.
I'd think twice before buying it again. YMMV.


Re: Opinions of the Corsair XMS XPERT memory modules

Nospam wrote:
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I think the LED display is a waste of money and just sucks power away
that could be used for the modules for something that you wont look at
anyway.  Ohh blinky lights!@!

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