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what is this im reading "Building Pcs For Dummies" and it says its
better when Motherboard has one either a UltraDMA or SCSI?

can somebody help me?? what is this??

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I think your book is a bit behind the times...

Ultra DMA is the same as EIDE 66/100/133 or PATA these days.  Virtually every PC
MoBo has it.  SCSI is generally only on server boards, and not many of those; it
is also expensive.

Currently, the best performance for disk drives is SATA 150.  There are only a
few true built-to-spec 10,000 RPM SATA drives, like the WD Raptors; the rest are
repackaged 7200 RPM EIDE/PATA drives, and will perform only as well as their
PATA equivalents because of their physical limitations.

Watch out for the on-board RAID controllers, though.  Though you may get a
performance boost from RAID 0 striping, you have a high risk of data loss.  RAID
1 mirroring is useful for redundancy, though.

Re: OnBoard Drive Controller

On 20 Jun 2005 12:56:06 -0700, "Chris"

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Around 1995, it was becoming difficult to buy boards without
one of these features.  Fast-forwarding to today, any
motherboard you buy will have UDMA, also known as ATA (133
per today's technology).  However the book is now dated,
more modern motherboards will also have SATA.  These are
busses used to connect from the motherboard southbridge or
other discrete chip controller to the drive itself, by the
parallel (ATA or SCSI) or serial (SATA) drive cable.

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