Onboard 128MB Intel Video driver or old 32mb TNT2 Nvidia

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I recently upgraded to an Intel 4 Motherboard (945 desktop series) with
an onboard 128mb video driver.  On my old Machine I had a 32mb TNT2
Nvidia video card.  Am I better of with the 128mb onboard than the 32mb
TNT card or should install my old card.

On the same machine I now have an Intel sound driver.  I used a Sound
Blaster live value on the old machine was thinking if I should also
install the SB card on the new machine or will the Intel sound device
be better.


Re: Onboard 128MB Intel Video driver or old 32mb TNT2 Nvidia

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Personally I would put the SB live into the new machine.
Not sure about the graphics though.

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Re: Onboard 128MB Intel Video driver or old 32mb TNT2 Nvidia

I'm not sure, but I don't think that old TNT2 card will fit on your mobo, as
I suspect it has a PCI-E connector, and that old card is AGP....

Also, that 128MB i most likely taken out of system memory (adjustable in
BIOS) so, 1024MB RAM is actually 1024-128=896MB....

Performance charts can be found here, but it doesn't list onboard gfx (?)

Anybody know where to find comparisions of on-board gfx, like Intel's -G
series, ATI 480 and nVidia 6100/6150 ?????

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Re: Onboard 128MB Intel Video driver or old 32mb TNT2 Nvidia


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As someone else already mentioned, if your board doesn't
have an AGP slot (but your card is AGP, the TNT2 came in PCI
version as well though it was less common) you then can't
use the card.

If your board has the correct slot, installing the card will
keep the system from using some of the memory bandwidth for
the video, free up 128MB of memory for system use instead of
video use, and that's about all.

There might be a statisitically significant difference in
performance between the onboard and TNT2 video, but it's not
a lot.  IE- any current generation mid-grade video card
would be multiple times faster than either.  Either would
suffice for 2D uses or watching moderate resolution
video/DVD, but neither would be suitable for modern 3D
gaming unless you played at very low resolution and turned
off all eyecandy, and even then didn't mind a very low
framerate (some games might be playable but others wouldn't,
it is a bit beside the point though that for gaming there is
little need to consider anything other than buying a better
video card).

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Yes, install the SB card.  It will be better sound even if
it didn't have the same bells and whistles on paper.
However, if you don't have fairly good speakers you might
not be able to hear the difference.  The SB might have
slightly better performance with gaming (surround sound
effects IF you set them to be active in the game) but I
don't know for certain that it applies to a Live Value card,
you could just try it both ways since you already have the

Re: Onboard 128MB Intel Video driver or old 32mb TNT2 Nvidia

kony wrote:
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Thanks you

I will install the SB card but you are rigth the old video card is an
AGp card so no luck there.

If I buy another graphix card what do you suggest (for gaming without
paying an arm and a leg)

Re: Onboard 128MB Intel Video driver or old 32mb TNT2 Nvidia


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It really depends on the max you're willing to pay, as for
every $35 or so there's a reasonable increase in performane
(actually larger jumps in price the higher you go but
considering the first $200 or so it is generally true).

For example you could get a Geforce 7600GT for around $135
after rebate,
or there are some 6800 cards now around $100 (after
rebate?), or 6600GT, 7800GS.

Some comparisons to help you decide if a given card is worth
the extra $$,

Re: Onboard 128MB Intel Video driver or old 32mb TNT2 Nvidia

finger to keyboard and composed:

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My Internet PC is based on an old M571 socket 7 motherboard with SiS
5597/5598 chipset, 128MB of SDRAM and an AMD K6-2 450MHz CPU. I am
also using the onboard graphics.

I once attempted to crank more performance out of the system by
tweaking the chipset registers. My baseline benchmark result for
memory reads with Everest Home was 69MB/s. After tweaking, it rose to
77MB/s. Initially this low figure was a big surprise. However, after I
reduced my display resolution from 1024x768 and 16 bit colour to
640x480 and 256 colours, the board benched at ~150MB/s. So it's clear
that the onboard video, which in my case is configured to share only
2MB of system RAM, results in a significant performance hit, at least
during benchmarking.

Your system is much faster than mine, so your performance hit may not
be as noticeable, but you'll only find out for sure by benchmarking
your two setups.

- Franc Zabkar
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