Older Abit Mobo problem(s)

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Trying to get an older Abit BE6-2 slot1 mobo to work and running into a
really unusual problem. No OS except W98SE will take to it so far. I have
some Live CD distros like slax, Knoppix and Ubuntu which try to load, then
they reset the pc. Installing Win XP pro seems to do the same thing when the
reboot after copying files occurs. I have been into the BIOS, played with
the ACPI settings, on and off, and some others like disabling the onboard
UDMA66 controller, to no avail. I have tried several different RAM sticks,
and went from AGP to PCI video cards, still have this problem. There is a
new cmos battery installed, and I flashed the BIOS up to the most recent
from the abis site. I have not been able to try Win 2000 or ME yet to see if
they install, but Win98SE cor certain installs and runs ok.....only it too
had reset itself a couple of times for no appartent reason....seems
something randomly causes a system reset like pressing the reset button. The
only thing I have yet to change is the PC power supply.....I guess thats
nest. Any input appreciated except for throwing the pc in the dumpster.

Re: Older Abit Mobo problem(s)

default wrote:
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...seems something randomly causes a system reset like pressing the reset button.

Check your capacitors.  It's a very common problem with these boards


Re: Older Abit Mobo problem(s)

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Sounds famaliar.

My Linux box uses a BE6-2. I have never been able to do a successful
install of anything past Win95 from a CD on this board. These boards
seem to have CD install problems even with the latest BIOS available.
Normal CD R/W seems to work flawlessly. The HPT chipset seems to have
been abandoned before Win2K came out.

I just installed Mandrivia 2007 on my BE6-2 board. Replaced Mandrake
9.1. I first trued, and failed with  Ubuntu 6.x. Known good CDs and CD
drives.  The same CD worked fine on a BE6 board. The Ubuntu network
install seems to be VERY involved.

I installed an FTP server on the Ubuntu box, downloaded the 4-CD set
from Mandrivia and copied the CDs to a single directory on the Ubuntu
box. Then created the boot and network dirver floppies from the first
CD. Used the Ubuntu box as a server and installed cleanly on the

On a board/system that old it's also a good idea to check both the CPU
and power supply fans. Blow out the dust and oil/replace the fans. I
did a fan transplant on both my Abit systems last year.
Keith Bowers - Thomasville, NC

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