old keyboard not working in winXP

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i have an old but good northgate omni 101P keyboard which does not give the
expected characters when used in WinXP. I hate to just get rid of it because
it has the mechanical keys which I love.
Does anyone know what is the problem and how to fix it......

Re: old keyboard not working in winXP

don wrote:
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Have you tested with another OS ? Have you tried moving
the keyboard to another computer, to compare the response ?

Your computer has an "on-screen keyboard", which you can
access by running osk.exe . I'm surprised to find that
mine, exactly matches my keyboard. Does yours compare well
with your keyboard layout ?

Keyboards usually have a single chip inside, for handling the
keys. The keys are wired in a matrix, like 7x17 horizontal and
vertical lines. The wiring pattern isn't regular, and snakes
through the key area. Sometimes, two H wires or two V wires
may short together, causing a problem. Maybe you'll see
"dribbling" characters, like two characters emitted for one
key press. While a careful cleaning might fix some of these
faults, some keyboards use nice steel rivets to hold
the assembly together, and removing those for cleaning, isn't
the easiest thing in the world. My current keyboard uses
screws, making it easy to clean or repair. I have another
keyboard, with the rivets, and I've never taken that one
fully apart. I can remove the plastic (to vacuum out crumbs),
but can't get inside the rest of the assembly. I don't want
to drill it, because that will leave metal filings around.


Re: old keyboard not working in winXP

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Paul wrote:

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Thanks you for the post.

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Re: old keyboard not working in winXP

don wrote:

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Device Manager (devmgmt.msc)
  Look at the properties of the keyboard detected

Control Panel
Regional and Language Options applet
  Which format is selected in Regional Options tab?
Languages tab
Settings tab
  [Add and] select an input language that matches your keyboard
  When picking an input language, a keyboard layout is also specified.
  You probably want the US Dvorak layout.
    Language: English (US)
    Layout: US - Dvorak

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