OK, guys. Taking recommendations.

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I'm going to have to upgrade my computer in the near time-frame.

The last couple computer's I've had I built myself.

May do that again, may try to find a GOOD barebones.

I'm not going to screw around with economizing on a mid-level processor, I'm
thinking 3 gig or so anyway, (maybe 2.8) with probably at least 1 gig

OR should I wait for a 64 bit dual-core to become available?

Recommendations on processors, motherboards, bare-bones systems etc, PLEASE.

I've had good luck with Gigabyte boards in the past, but I'm open to Asus
and others.

Would like to stay within about 600.00 or so NOT COUNTING the processor.

I already have 2 EIDE 200G WD drives so I need to be able to use them. Is
this a problem, when it seems new systems use SATA drives?

(I go long enough between building systems, that whenever I do, there have
been significant changes in hardware, MB's etc)

Thanks for any input.

Mark Z.

Re: OK, guys. Taking recommendations.

Suddenly, without warning, Mark D. Zacharias exclaimed (12-Jun-05 2:01 PM):
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Much more fun, IMHO, and we get exactly what we want... I'll likely
never buy a complete system again.
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If you like small, look into Shuttle.  They make excellent 'breadbox'
sized barebones systems.

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Well, gigs don't mean what they used to.  I'd suggest an AMD Athlon
64-bit of some flavor.

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There's no wait, they're out now, I think.  If you want to be 'bleeding
edge' that is.

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My personal favorite is Asus.  i currently have a K8V-Deluxe, and it's
been very steady and solid, even if Windows isn't.  It's only weakness
seems to be USB-based multicard readers.  Tho less so for the external
version than the internal one I have.

I'm a staunch AMD advocate, though it's more a philisophical thing than
anything else.

If you get a case, get a Lian-Li.  They may not be as (how is it they're
saying these days?  Bling Bling?) as some of the others, but they are
very solid, well built cases, designed for those of us who are in our
cases so often, we have no idea where the panel screws are.  I just got
a PC-61 Plus, and it's an awesome case.  If you want a bit more 'bling',
pop on over to crazypc.com and get one of their laser-cut panels for the
  PC-6x series.  I have the FireDragon (my second, as I'm replacing my
silver case with a black one), and the quality of the panel is very
impressive.  It looks even better with a cold cathode tube behind it.
I've got a green one, but I was just thinking that a red one in this
black case would be pretty nice too.

Here's what my new case looks like:


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For what equipment?  From the case inward, or just certain components.
Gotta be *something* you have now that you can put in a new box.

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My board handles both.  It has three IDE connectors and 4 SATA
connectors - the third IDE has a RAID controller, as do both pairs of
SATA (one's on the VIA southbridge, the other's a Promise).  There's
some limitation on how the two types can be paired, but I haven't run
into it yet.

I was running with an IDE boot drive, an IDE burner & CDROM, then the
same + an SATA HD, then added another SATA HD, and as of yesterday I'm
running with 3 SATA HDs (one is boot), a SATA DVD-L burner, and an IDE
DVD-/+ burner.  It's handled all beautifully, though I did have to
update the VIA RAID driver to recognize the DVD-L properly.

I noticed *significant* improvement just using the SATA as a data drive,
and even more now that my boot drive is SATA - a WD Raptor 10kRPM.

FYI, the boot drive is a WD Raptor 10kRPM, the other two are a pair of
200GB Seagate Barracuda drives (not in RAID).  All three together are
quieter than any single IDE drive I've ever owned.  The SATA DVD-L is a
Plextor 716SA.

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I generally go a couple of years between mobo/processor upgrades, but
I'm always adding/removing little bits here and there.  I still have the
keyboard, floppy drive and CDROM I bought for my very first system (I
think it was a 333MHz AMD or something like that).

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You are welcome.  I think researching and buying the new parts is half
the fun :)


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