Oh no, not again.

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Don't get your hopes up, Windows 7 RC1 Ultimate was running great for a
couple months. Now it's having boot up problems. Won't boot all way,
fails to activate the mouse and usb stuff. Wants to run diagnostics and
run a restore to an earlier time. After doing the diags and restore
once, the problem was fixed....for 2 weeks, now it's boot hanging again.
More of the same from MS.

Re: Oh no, not again.

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But in this case you can't blame MS: it is a test release, not a
finished product.  Do you not understand the difference?

Andrew Smallshaw

Re: Oh no, not again.

On Wed, 15 Jul 2009 08:26:48 -0400, Hipupchuck

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It's windows.

The day a window can't be broken, two years later sales of
windows will drastically drop.    Does that make good
business sense?

Despite all the bullshit found online, Win7 is just Vista
with a few of their mistakes politically corrected.

Win7 will work better than it does now, but as always you
need to wait till it's in the wild long enough that it's
subject to sufficient variables that the bugs are mostly
worked out... then decide if the remaining bugs effect you,
are worth the effort, worth the price, etc.

In short, it's a beta for a reason, but in the case of
windows, beta = alpha and RC = beta.

Re: Oh no, not again.

Hipupchuck wrote:

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You provide absolutely NOTHING to describe your hardware and especially
your software setup.  Uh huh, like your post is of any value ... not!
And this is on a clean install of Windows 7 where you haven't installed
ANYTHING other than the OS, especially anything 3rd party?  Yeah, didn't
think so.

So to how many groups are you going to MULTI-post your same message?  3
now but it'll probably increase.  Learn to cross-post:


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