NTSC (ie video) to VGA converters? (using old VGA monitors for video use)

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There must be some way I can put my old 19" tube VGA monitors to use
for watching regular off-air or cable TV.  No home theater or media
room is complete without, say, 4 monitors for watching auxilliary
channels, security cam, etc.

So is there anything on the market for taking an NTSC signal
(composite, S-video, etc) and generating an RGB signal that can be
connected to a conventional multi-sync VGA monitor?  Ideally it would
have a built-in tuner and CATV/antenna input.

Re: NTSC (ie video) to VGA converters? (using old VGA monitors for video use)

I'm sure there are plenty of commercially available ones, quick google
search will find you some, like
but if you want to build your own, and this is
alt.comp.hardware.homebuilt check out
http://elm-chan.org/works/sc/report.html no tuner but... I haven't
tried it but have thought about doing it before.  I would expect you
would get some pixilation as you are basically doubling the speed, so
probably a 2x increase in pixel size to what you're used to on a
monitor.  If it's far enough away probably not an issue, i'd be more
concerned about the distortion...  Anyway let us know what you use and
how it works for you.


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