Novice needs Asus P2B system advice

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Hello all,
    First, let me introduce myself. My name is Kevin and I work as
a machinist in Ohio. My knowledge of the inner workings of computers
is pretty marginal. I recently built my first system from a dead
Emachine and that went very well. I acquired 4 slot 1 mobo computers
from a company that was upgrading. Just for the challenge and chance
to learn, I would like to get at least one of these up and operating.
I identified the mobo's (all different) and downloaded manuals. The
most promising looks to be the Asus p2b vers. 1.02. From the board's
jumpers I've determined the cpu to be 300 mhz(pentium ll). The hdd's
were removed from these machines. They do have floppy and cd rom
drives, PCI modem, ethernet, and audio.  My first question is: will an
ATA 66 hdd work with this mobo? And secondly, not wanting to make
Microsoft any wealthier, what is your opinion/advice pertaining to
using the Linux OS? The PCI devices will probably take some doing to
get operating but I will claw my way through that later. Also, any
links you could suggest would be appreciated.  TIA  

Re: Novice needs Asus P2B system advice

Gearman wrote:
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Well the best way to learn about computers is to just roll up your
sleeves and get to work. I fix up hundreds of old computers and find
that most of the discarded ones just need very minor work.

Chances are pretty goot that those machines you have will work just fine
once you put harddrives in them...but because they are older
machines...the bios may not support very large you should
try to scrounge up some used ones.

At any rate, an ATA66 HD will work fine. The machine will just run at
the fastest speed of *either* the bus or the HD.

I also think now would be a good time for you to start learning about
Linux too...
A distribution such as Vector Linux will work well on older hardware
and it's actaully very easy to install.

All you need to do is download it on a dsl/cable machine...
then burn the iso image to cd...

to install it, just set the bios to boot from cd

Re: Novice needs Asus P2B system advice

On Sat, 25 Mar 2006 03:45:10 GMT, Gearman

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Yes, it will run in ATA33 mode though, and it's possible the
bios might not support the HDD's size.  If the bios shows a
significantly smaller size, check for a bios update from
Asus' website.  It is likely the board will support up to
128GB HDD after one of the last bios updates but not with
the original bios.

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To use Linux or windows or ???, it is the same question as
with any system, we can't really answer it for you except
that the P2B should not be a particular problem in itself.

If you're keeping the same CPU (or even if swapping, the
board might adjust the multiplier and FSB automatically) you
may not need to change any jumpers on the motherboard, just
hook it up and try it.  It would be good to run memtest86
(Google search for it) to check for memory errors before
installing the operating system.

Re: Novice needs Asus P2B system advice

ATA 66/100/133 works with it, but it runs in ultra ATA 33 since ultra
33 is the max the board supports.
  You can buy a promise ultra 100/133 ATA card if you want to run at
ulltra 100/133
Asus P2b series is one of the most stable board in BX family. I have
one in the basement and the board is still good after almost 7 years(
about 30,000 hour and 5000 power on/off cycle, data collected by
The fastest CPU it supports is 1400mhz if upgradeware slot-T is used
and the regulator supports 1.3V. You can check

Linux OS will be a good idea, but you can BT the whole XP and win2K. I
think windows will be a bit easier than Linux.

Novice needs Asus P2B system advice EPILOGUE

Thought I'd let anyone interested know how I made out on this project.
Not being completely satisfied with my "erector set", I did some
shopping and acquired an Asus p2b-f, 650 mhz Plll and a couple of
Seagate udma66 drives. Setup/ass'y went off without a hitch. Added 4
sticks of pc100/128mb and installed XP. Installed pci graphic, audio,
ethernet and modem cards. XP recognized all like they were old
friends. I will check the bios to see if it needs updated. So far this
machine seems to perform quite well. I will probably give this one to
some retired folks I know. I've learned a great deal lurking in this
group. Thanks for your help.  Kevin


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