Notebook DVD ROM/ CD Writer Combo

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Hi there.

I've had a problem with the above on my HP-Compaq notebook for a month
or so. Basically the drive has all but failed. I think it's the step
motor that moves the lens assembly around and it no longer does it with
any degree of accuracy, and is very hot when I've finished reading a
drive. Hence not only does the drive not play CD/DVD's it causes XP to
have a problem (it thinks the drive is OK because the driver works OK)
and sometimes locks things up - so I've disabled the drive.

Details of my unit are HP/Compaq Evo Business Notebook N1020v. Model:

The drive part no is 285529-001
IDE DVD-ROM/CD-RW combo drive - 8X speed CD-R (1200 KB/s), 8X speed
CD-RW (1200 KB/s), 24X speed CD-ROM (3600 KB/s), and 8X speed DVD
(10,800 KB/s) 209.79 H-P Price!!

Now, I don't intend paying that for a replacement drive - cheapest I've
seen so far in the UK is 120. I'd ideally only like to spend about 60
or so max as the machine is now over 3 years old, and while I have a Gig
of RAM, it may be that I go back to a desktop at not much more of the
cost of the H-P replacement.

Any ideas? I could go for an external usb drive and forgo booting from

Thanks for any suggestions or ideas.

Re: Notebook DVD ROM/ CD Writer Combo

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Have a look on E-bay, to see what`s available.

Re: Notebook DVD ROM/ CD Writer Combo

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Notebook-style optical drives are basically commodity items nowadays.
You can buy any slimline drive and be confident it will fit.  If
the unit is designed to be user-removable (so it can be swapped
for eg a floppy drive or second battery) there may be additional
'wrapping' around the bare drive to provide more robust connectors
etc but you can remove those from your old drive and fit them to the
new one.

I just checked Micro Direct's web site and found a couple of dual
layer DVD writers that should be suitable. These are much better
drives than the one you have now and unless you must save every
last penny it isn't worth going for anything less. /(15451)NEC-AD5540A0B-Slimline-DVD-RRW-Black-8x-oem.aspx
8x DL DVD+/-RW bare internal drive GBP 34.08 inc VAT /(10335)LaCie-Slim-External-8x-Dual-Layer-DVDRW-USB2.aspx
Similar spec external USB drive GBP 86.30 inc VAT

I give a link to that last one as it's a slimline external drive
- you should be able to swap out the drive inside the housing for
the one in your machine, and if you can't for any reason, you still
have a usable external drive.

The reason I do this is I've checked the service manual for your
laptop and the optical drives seem to have a non-standard front
fascia - the rest of the drive seems pretty normal.  I'll bet that
you can unclip the front fascia and put it on the front of a
commodity unit (have a look at your existing drive and see if it
unclips), but on the off chance you can't you still have a usable,
albeit external drive.

The only other thing I'll say is steer clear of slot-loading drives
- you definitely won't be able the add the fascia to those.

Andrew Smallshaw

Re: Notebook DVD ROM/ CD Writer Combo

Andrew Smallshaw wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it /(15451)NEC-AD5540A0B-Slimline-DVD-RRW-Black-8x-oem.aspx
Quoted text here. Click to load it /(10335)LaCie-Slim-External-8x-Dual-Layer-DVDRW-USB2.aspx
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Many thanks for that I will pursue that approach. Thanks also for
investigating the service manual on this.

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