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Not responding

I have a laptop - Windows XP, Intel Celeron 350

My laptop is now giving me trouble.

It says "Not responding" on my Instant Messaging box, Browsers etc.

I do not know why this is happening.

I have run
-Msconfig and unchecked all the software in the Startup section.
- Spybot
- Virus scan
- Adaware

but still it runs slow and says Not responding. The screen freezes for
a while and then goes back to being normal.

When I go to Windows Task manager, I see 260MB are being used. I do not
why so much MB is being used when i have only 3 or 4 browser windows
open...usually Mozilla. No other software.

Once I got a message that the Virtual memory was dangerously low.

Can any one pls help me ?


Re: Not responding

There is something eating the RAM up, if you consider the operating
system, any programmes that run at start up (ticked boxes in
msconfig) plus any anti virus software, service pack up dates,
cookies etc are all loaded into RAM at start up.... doesn't leave
much to play with when it gets full you'll get a hang.

I would imagine you would have emptied the temporary internet folders
I would try a virus and spyware scan with an alternative programme or
maybe an on-line scan.

One thing that you may stop is Messenger now that does run in the
background and noted to slow things down,  in msconfig it's
msmsgs. I use Firefox and Thunderbird
which is much faster rather than Internet Exploder.

I coped for quite a while with 256Mb of RAM with NIS2005, Xp Pro &
Sp2 etc, I got hangs when using Paint Shop Pro with too many high
resolution photo's loaded, increasing the RAM stopped the problem.

Did it go like this gradually or all at once or after any programme


Re: Not responding

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Have you checked to see how full your HD is? That is typical message for
your drive not having enough room for XP's virtual memory cache. One thing
that really snaps out is that your system is right on the edge to even run
XP very well, especially the memory amount with an older Celeron. 512mbs of
memory would also help, but I would check the HD free space for that
particular error. A defective HD could also be the culprit. 3-4 browser
windows open at one time will take quite a bit of caching from your browser
too. Clean out your temporary internet files too, they can take up a lot of
HD space if you don't clean them out regularly.

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