Not happy with my Intel system, want o go back to AMD. So......???

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A few months ago at the suggestion of a friend whom was a devote AMD
person but went to Intel I went from a:

AMD Athlon XP-A, 1921 MHz (11.5 x 167) 2600+  Barton core
Asus A7N8X Deluxe (5 PCI, 1 AGP Pro, 3 DDR DIMM, Dual LAN, IEEE-1394)
 nVIDIA nForce2 SPP  
1024 MB (DDR SDRAM) 512MB x 2 Wintec/Corsair
SB LIVE! 5.1 Gamer
ATI Radeon 9600 XT

to this:
Intel Pentium 4 530, 3000 MHz (15 x 200) Prescott Socket 775  
Asus P5P800 (5 PCI, 1 AGP, 4 DDR DIMM, Audio, Gigabit LAN)  
Intel Springdale i865PE  
2048 MB (DDR SDRAM)  512MB x 4 Corsair CMX512-3200LL  XMS
SB0350 Audigy 2 ZS Gamer
ATI Radeon 9600 XT


I mainly use my PC for gaming but had never went to the Intel camp.
Anyway I'm not very happy with the Intel system. With my old AMD I had
the best of two worlds. A possessor with 3D NOW! and a nVIDIA chipset!
I do give the Intel credit for video rendering it is very powerful but
I want a machine for gaming.

So I'm asking the group for some recommendations on a new AMD Athlon
64 or 64FX System (maximum price at $230.00). Also which core is best
(i.e. ClawHammer, Newcastle, Winchester, Venice and so on)?  I only
buy Asus motherboards so please recommend which Asus models for mobos.
I have a RADEON X850 XT PE already lined up for the new system.

Thank you!

Re: Not happy with my Intel system, want o go back to AMD. So......???

On Sat, 09 Jul 2005 04:00:24 GMT, Ronald Reitch LMT

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You might consider ignoring that friend's suggestions from
now on, since you spent (what, about $450?) only to end up
with a significant boost in video editing, far worse bang
for buck elsewhere.  Almost never is it good value to
upgrade between one current-gen platform to an overlapping
generation of platform.

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This is a bit puzzling, the Intel box should be roughly as
good if not better- just not "much" difference.

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Perhaps you mistyped and $230 was supposed to be $430?

You're never going to get a decent upgrade if you frequently
put down only a couple hundred bucks.  HOWEVER, at present
your video card is the larger bottleneck to modern gaming
unless you always play at relatively low res./eyecandy.

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For $230?  That'll get you a board, not enough left for the
CPU.  Most games are not dual core optimized, nor 64 bit.
Sempron is the best bang for buck if you're going to get
remotely close to $230 especially with an Asus board (i've
nothig against Asus but they do cost a bit more, usually).

Re: Not happy with my Intel system, want o go back to AMD. So......???

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I would seriously reconsider status of "friend". Very dubious advice to
change camps in this case if your goal was to increase performance.
IMHO, going on the specs of the two systems, you will find very little,
perhaps zero difference for in-game performance.
The most likely reason you are not happy with the new system is that you
kept the same video card.
The video card would most likely have been then bottleneck in the old
system, and is definitely a bottleneck in the new, limiting it's game
performance to be very similar to the old system.
A simple upgrade of video card in the original AMD system would have given
it an instant noticeable increase in performance.
Put the X850XT in the current Intel system to see how it then performs, and
then reconsider the situation from there...

AFAIK, the current knowledge and benchmarks / game tests show that the AMD
Athlon64 gives the best game performance for the price (As you prob know the
64FX is the fastest, but also very pricey too), but since you already have
the Intel system set up, and have the new X850XT on the way, I again suggest
that you try the new X850XT in the current Intel system, before again
swapping back to AMD and possibly wasting even more money just to chase up
that last few percent of performance increase that would probably not even
be perceptible to you as the user.

As you have seen, changing to a slightly faster competing platform, while
keeping the same video card, provides almost zero increase in real world
game performance to the user.

Re: Not happy with my Intel system, want o go back to AMD. So......???

Thanks for the feedback group!!

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