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I read a review of the ASUS P5E3 Deluxe which said that although it includes
support (1 IDE channel) there's no CD/DVD support under DOS, so any
disk-imaging software that requires it will not work.

As my recovery software and other utilities boot from CD and run under DOS
this is a big concern for me.

I don't think this is limited to this ASUS boards either.

This seems a massive oversight to me. I realise that fewer people run DOS
programs these days but many recovery programs and other utilities run under

So is there a way around this?

Would it be the same if I used an SATA CD/DVD Drive?

Thanks for any info.


Re: No CD/DVD support under DOS?...

Ian R wrote:

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In general, there has always been support for an ATAPI-IDE cdrom
drives under DOS. When used for recovery purposes, it should be
possible to boot the computer from a floppy disk drive (or from
the cdrom drive, if allowed by bios setup), with the start up
files loading all of the necessary drivers and executables. But
probably not for a SATA cdrom drive unless the particular chipset
on the motherboard allows it. Check around.

Re: No CD/DVD support under DOS?...

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This is a function of DOS more than your motherboard.  CD-ROM
support is fairly easy to add if the drivers are available.
Basically you have a device-dependent back end typically loaded in
config.sys and run mscdex as a TSR from autoexec.bat.  Most of the
later CD-ROM installation disks would make the requisite changes

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The basic mechanism is the same regardless of the interface, whether
IDE, SCSI or one of the earlier proprietary interfaces.  The only
difficulty with SATA may be finding a suitable back end driver.
I have to admit I'm not sure if a generic IDE driver would work
since SATA will start up in IDE emulation mode.  I suspect not but
could well be wrong.

Andrew Smallshaw

Re: No CD/DVD support under DOS?...

On Mon, 24 Mar 2008 09:50:57 -0000, "Ian R"

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Take reviews with a grain of salt, they may or may not be

First try a standard Win98 boot floppy, google will find one
or there may be that or something equivalent, a dos boot
disk that loads a few optical drive drivers at

Try a bootdisk, then if it doesn't work look for problems.

Why do you need a CD/DVD for disk imaging software?  It'll
probably boot to a USB thumbdrive or hard drive in emulation
mode, will those suffice?

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This may not be a problem, google for HP Flash Boot if you
need a util to make a USB flash drive bootable to DOS, then
copy the CD files from CD to the USB thumbdrive.  

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I don't think it's true for most boards, even if there was
no legacy emulation mode all you'd have to do is load the
correct drive from the boot floppy or USB thumbdrive to get
the chipset /devices seen.

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Yes, if it doesn't offer an emulation mode - THEN you'd have
to load a driver.  Take it one step at a time, assume the
reviewer is wrong and just try to do it the way you always
had, and check the bios for any seemingly related settings.

Re: No CD/DVD support under DOS?...


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I have recently encountered this with an Asus P5K and searching on the
issue has revealed it is indeed real.

Using Ghost as an example, if I boot from either a Ghost floppy or
DVD, I cannot access the image files on a DVD.
You can boot from the optical drive, but cannot access files on it.

This occurs with both an IDE or SATA optical drive.

I was shocked by this issue.  It was only after purchase, encountering
it, and then knowing what obscure issue to search for that I
discovered it is a known problem.
From the responses you have received so far it seems most people fit
into this category too.  I commend the reviewer of your board.  I also
checked reviews pre-purchase and never encountered any indication of

The designers should hang their heads in shame.

In my case the P5K has an Intel P35 chipset.
The issue appears to be related to the Jmicron controller and atapi
support.  Try searching for more info based on that.

A quick lookup shows your MB does not have the same chipset, but it is
Intel.  I suspect it uses the same (or similar) controller.

After discussing this with someone, here is his workaround and he has
successfully done this.
Boot Ghost with network support.  Put the image files on a network
share and load from it.
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