No Beeps/ System shuts down after 6 seconds

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New system build based on Intel D945PSN and 3.60Ghz Intel P4 Socket 775
processor.  System switches on but then shuts down after approximately 6
seconds.  No P.O.S.T. beep codes or anything else to indicate problem.

Original Motherboard was D.O.A. so this is a replacement one direct from
the supplier.

When I built the system with the new board last night it powered up fine
and I got half way through installing the O.S. when it shut down, I then
powered it back up and it gave me 4 alternating P.O.S.T. beeps which
when looked up means "thermal warning".  Opened up system and checked
all connectors, checked that processor fan was functioning correctly,
checked for airflow obstructions as per: and found
nothing.   Left it a while, powered it back up fine and tried installing
O.S. again but it powered down after about the same interval as last
time and when I restarted gave the same thermal warning code.

Now this morning when I tried to power up the system as I said it powers
up for approximately 5-6 seconds then shuts off with no beeps or anything.

Any ideas greatly appreciated guys!!!

Thanks in advance

Re: No Beeps/ System shuts down after 6 seconds

Hi dave,
Have a toot here-:

There's a list of codes with possible explanations, pretty sure your
boards on the list.


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