Newbuild keeps rebooting

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I have just built a new computer which was all going well until I
booted it up. It now reboots randomly about every hour or so. It is a
Pentium 4 630, sata hdd. To try and eliminate the problem I moved the
PCU and HDD to a new computer and was still getting the problem. I
assume that a HDD would not cause this problem so am putting it down to
the CPU. I have put a very thin layer of thermal paste on the CPU but
when the computer reboots and I check the temp in BIOS it is normally
around 62 degrees. Is this acceptable? Could it cause the computer to
reboot? If not could it possibly be a faulty CPU? Or could it be the
Any help to this newbie pulling his hair out would be much appreciated.

Re: Newbuild keeps rebooting wrote:
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 I put together my first System a few months ago and it was that CPU and I
don't remember anything about any paste. Mine is running fine from the very
first boot.

Re: Newbuild keeps rebooting

On 15 Feb 2006 14:33:32 -0800, wrote:

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You moved the HDD and CPU to another system, but was it an
identical system, or did the HDD not have windows on it, or
did you repair install windows to get it working on the
other system, or ???

Only taking what you're written thus far at face value-

62C at idle in the bios could be a problem under full load
in the OS, but when idle in the OS the temp should be lower
than 62C, automatically unless some software is interfering
with the system having idle time to HALT-cool itself.

Disable Windows' "automatically restart" setting (Google
will find instructions) then see if a bluescreen appears.
Write down the first 3 lines or so of the bluescreen
including the general description and the stop code.

It could just be overheating, I wouldn't yet assume it's a
faulty CPU as the odds are against it- but the odds catch up
to us all, eventually.

Re: Newbuild keeps rebooting

what motherboard and bios version, and ram do you have?

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Re: Newbuild keeps rebooting

The new system was completely different but as Windows was on the HDD
it started up fine. The new motherboard is a Gigabyte GA-81865GMF-775
with 1gd of DDR 400 RAM s supplied by the shop. The thermal paste I
used is CoolerMaster High Performance and I put on a thin layer.

Re: Newbuild keeps rebooting

If you are using a new mobo, have you re-installed the OS and then the
for the mobo and hardware or are you using an original

Changing a
new mobo will require new mobo and hardware drivers if


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