Newbie with a few questions

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hey guys my names ryley, im 17 and starting a new budget build this will
be my
first heres what i have so far and questions will follow

i have a case already ordered im ordering
AMD Athlon II X4 640 Propus 3.0GHz Socket AM3 95W Quad-Core Desktop

16g worth of ripjaws x series (4X4gb)

i already have a harddrive
video card and other components but i have one major question

do i need a new version of windows if im reusing my old hard drive?
even if i have the os disk?

and secondly i cant seem to find a good 4 ram slop atx motherboard.
im shopping on newegg so keep it into there but can someone see if im on
right page i have a radeon 5770 gfx card and im ready to start this project
i just need to know A if i can use my old windows disk
B what motherboard to use and whats compatable  
and c if that processor is mud let me know a better sug.
this was a 300 dollar upgrade and i need to keep it at that plz and ty.

also best answer may be tipped if it all works out

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Re: Newbie with a few questions

You may use your old hard drive and your existing os disk, but you might
need to reinstall almost as if it were blank; might even need to reformat.
The problem is that the OS will try to initialize the hardware from the
tables in the registry, but if the motherboard, chipset, BIOS or video card
are too different, it might crash.

Hope you have made good backups of your data.

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Re: Newbie with a few questions

ovenomojr;1322963 Wrote:
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Biostar TA870U3+ w/SATAIII, USB 3, 4 RAM (16G max) slots $90 -->
Better processor...
AMD Phenom II X4 960t Zosma $110 -->

If your old drive has Windows 7, you should be able to boot right
up...Win7 will install necessary drivers, but download all drivers just
in case.
Also, make sure to check that the RAM you select is compatible with the
motherboard you select.

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