New Video Card most Bang for the Buck?

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I have not been keeping up lately with the Video card wars. What card's
should I be looking at the replace my ATI Radeon 9700Pro.
I am current system specs are:
Pentium 4 P2.4
Gigabyte 8iHXP Motherboard (AGP 4x 1.5v)
PC1066 Rdram (1gig)
I am looking to send under $300.00 and playing mostly FPS. (ie: Doom3,
HL2,F.E.A.R.,Quake4 etc...)
Thanks for any help.

Re: New Video Card most Bang for the Buck?

On Mon, 24 Oct 2005 21:50:32 GMT, SteveD61

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Radeon 9700 Pro will play Doom3, HL2.  Before you put down
$300 on a video card you might consider upgrading the CPU
too, since it's probably somewhat of a bottleneck on some
games even with the present video card, let alone a faster
one.  I don't know what the fastest CPU your board will take
is and it appears to use RDRAM so to really get your money's
worth out of a video card upgrade it may require replacing
several parts.  If you just want the quick answer to the
question without consideration of the above, a GF 7800 GT
may drop below the $300 mark before too long... hard to
speculate exactly when.  Maybe a Radeon X800
soemthing-or-other if you're still partial to ATI.
Personally i'd put a limit at about $200 unless you're
upgrading the CPU too, past 3.2GHz, OR unless your primary
goal is playing at very high res. and eyecandy.

Newer games will be using more advanced physics though, the
CPU will be a real limit.

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