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About to buy the parts for assembling a new pc.
Want (really) good speed from harddisks. I have 2x 200gb 7200rpm SATA

I am thinking about getting another SATA drive but 10000rpm. (probably 37gb)

I want to put Windows and program files on the fast drive.
The 2x slower SATA drives I want to put in a Raid0 and store all other files
Might possibly stick an older drive in there for backup.

Does this sound like the right way to do it? or can you suggest something
(Mobo will be a new top of the range LGA775 board with plenty of space for
SATA drives.)

Thanks for any comments.

Re: new PC - HD setup

Nick wrote:
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Be carefull with the raid0.  It's good for speed, but not so much for
storage.  It's very fast, but I only use it for scratch.  If it fails,
given raid0 has no redundancy, recovery could very easily be
impossible, though I've never had to try.  

If you go redundant - non raid0 - raid, you may just be foregoing any
speed gains.  But if, as you say, it's for storage, a redundant raid -
say raid 5 - if any raid at all, would definately be the way to go.  

Alternatively, you could partition the new SATA - a Windows, and
programs partition, and another partition for storage.  And then do a
raid0 with the other drives if you need the speed.  Or try a raid5 for
redundancy - may still be faster than the drives not raid'ed.

Or, maybe you don't need raid at all, and can get by with just
spanning the drives, if even that.  You did say these would just be
for storage, right?


Re: new PC - HD setup

Thanks for your comments. Valuable!

I am mainly interested in speed, hence the suggested raid0 option. (Never
had a disk fail in 20+ yrs)  I do software development work as well as video
editing which is quite demanding. Any backups needed, I do by copying to
another disks every now and again. It doesn't need to be any more advanced
than that.

You mention having program files on a different partition. Is there a way to
make Windows think the "Program Files" is in a different location to the

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Re: new PC - HD setup

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How to move "Program Files" (Program Files & Common Files system folders)


Find Key:

Modify Two String Values:

(The two Strings contains the location of the two system folders, in a
fixed-length text string)

Modify Value Data:
Enter the full path to the new location of folder.


Do not work with many apps from SymantecCorporation like Ghost and Norton
Anti Virus. They need "Program Files" on default drive. Use Nod32, McAfee,
Arconis and other companys products.

--first time I visit this NG--


Re: new PC - HD setup

Thanks. Good info and thanks for the warning about Symantec products. (I use
Norton Antivirus. D***)

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