New Intel system?

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After much consideration, and a couple of post to another newsgroup I've
finally decided on new
system components. I'd like any input as to whether all this seems
compatible (reasonable):

INTEL BX80569Q9550 Core 2 Quad Q9550 2.83 GHz 1333 MHz Socket 775 2 x
6MB Desktop Processor
2 X OCZ OCZ2RPR10664GK 4GB PC2-8500 (DDR2-1066) DDR2 Memory
ASUS Maximus II Formula Intel P45 MHz PC2-9600 (DDR2-1200) ATX Motherboard
LG GH22LS30 22X SATA DVD Burner Black Drive Bulk
BFG BFGEGTX2801024OC2E Geforce GTX 280 1GB GDDR3 PCI Express x16 (2.0v)
Video Card

Existing parts:

Antec P180 case
Corsair HX620 power supply
2 X WD 74GB Raptors (RAID 0)
Seagate 320 GB SATA (Storage)
WD 36GB Raptor (Photoshop Scratch)

I realize I will not be able to SLI Nvidia video cards in the future
with this chipset.

Ran a couple power supply calculators, the HX620 should be fine.

Memory not on ASUS QVL, but others have reported good results with it.

Motherboard may be a bit overkill, but I based my selection on Newegg user
reviews in comparison to other boards. Suggestions here definitely

Replacing AMD 5200+ on ASUS M2N-E with 4GB PC800 memory and Geforce
8800 GTS (640MB version).

I decided against the NVidia 790i chipset because of the price of
"performance" DDR3.
Didn't go with the X48 chipset because I won't need the 2 X 16 Crossfire
link. I won't be
overclocking beyond 3 GHz, which the P45 seems capable of.  Will be
using the onboard
sound, at least to evaluate the Supreme X-Fi, add sound card later if

Thanks for your time-
Fitz (hoping for some input before pressing the "Purchase" button)
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Re: New Intel system?

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Should be great for Photoshop.

Are you a heavy gamer?  If not, your video card should be plenty good.

Question: Exactly which OS are you planning to use?

Re: New Intel system?

Question: Exactly which OS are you planning to use?

Using Windows Vista 64

Playing COD4, TF2, and Crysis (enter the Geforce 280).
The 8800GTS is the first generation 640MB version. It
will play Crysis, but not well with all the eye candy turned
up. Will be jumping at the sequel to Bioshock.

This upgrade started out as just the video card, but after
some research, I thought the older processor would throttle
the potential of a new high end card, so I talked myself into
a major upgrade. Not an inexpensive project, so I want to get
it right the first time.


Re: New Intel system?

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Well I cannot give you much advice on a video card
as I am not a gamer...
but from those friends of mine who do play games...
they always say to get the best video card you can possibly afford!

If DX-10 works out, at least Vista will be the only OS to support it...
so hopefully that's the way to go.

For Photoshop I am sure that will be one hell of a machine!

Re: New Intel system?

On Tue, 21 Oct 2008 15:18:40 -0800, Fitz rearranged some electrons to say:

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I haven't had good luck with the reliability Asus motherboards, I hope
you'll have better luck.

Re: New Intel system?

david wrote:
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For an Asus product, the reviews here look pretty good. Some of the
reviews are goofy, and the remaining ones are encouraging. There
are some other Asus boards that read like a horror story.

Also, I bought a LG GH22 just yesterday, the PATA version, and
burned a CD and a DVD without a problem. Compared to several other
burners I'd bought, this one worked for me without searching for
a firmware upgrade. Mine was the retail version, about $35, and
came with Nero 7 Essentials (whatever that means). If you were
to get that, don't use the InfoTool :-) On Win2K, my machine slowed
to a crawl, and all my free memory was eaten up. The actual Nero
software that does the burning works OK, but I won't be using
the utility that tells you what formats the drive supports.
Because it hoses the machine. Nero also does some other stupid
things, like installing DX9C, and the installer installs a separate
Lightscribe software package. When you use the Nero uninstall option
in Add/Remove later, it removes the Nero package, but leaves the
Lightscribe behind. You have to remove it separately. I've
disconnected the drive for now, and removed all the software,
as my little DVD burning project was a one-off (just needed
the one disc). Still, pretty good for a cheap optical drive.
And also reasonably quite, not quite as noisy as my previous


Re: New Intel system?

Fitz wrote:

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Added a Zalman CPNS 9700 cooler and ordered all.

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