New Gaming / Multitasking Machine - Which Athlon CPU ?

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I posted this earlier to "alt.comp.hardware.pc-homebuilt" earlier.  Please
forgive the crosspost, and place any replies on that group.  Thanks.


I work out of a home office and want to build a new machine that will allow
significant multitasking, but I also want to get into gaming.  (Some of the
new games just look too good to ignore.)  While money is still somewhat of
an object, I can afford to get the components I need.  Because this machine
is used primarily for business, reliability is the overwhelming factor.
That probably rules out overclocking and such, so assume that I will run
everything as stock (for now anyway, heh heh). I've built a number of
systems and know the basics, but bleeding edge stuff is pretty new to me.

After some research, I am leaning very heavily toward the Abit Fatal1ty AN8
board.  I've got four 512mb sticks of Mushkin SP3200 memory that I plan to
set up in dual mode.  I'll probably go with one or two Raptors (non-Raid)
plus some older ATA drives for data storage.  Finally, I will upgrade to a
high quality SLI-ready 500w PSU (will 500 be enough?)

I'm building this machine with at least moderate upgradability in mind.  I
will probably start out with a single video card, but instead may
immediately go
with paired cards to get the most out of the system for gaming.  Haven't yet
gotten around to studying video card options yet.

OK, finally a question:  I'm hung up on the processor choice.  Am I better
off going with the Athlon 64 Dual Core, which should be better for
multitasking, or the FX, which should be better for gaming?   I guess
another way to ask this is, does either one of these CPU's do both gaming
and multitasking particularly well?

Thanks in advance for any advice.

  - Magnusfarce

Re: New Gaming / Multitasking Machine - Which Athlon CPU ?

Magnusfarce wrote:
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A good and extremly usefull website for components wize is or there the two i use often.

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