New Custom Machine won't Boot.. Please Help

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Hello Everyone,

Listed below are the components for the computer I'm trying to build. I
have installed everything correctly but the motherboard POST doesn't appear
when I try starting it up. The hard drives work, dvd rom works but when the
SATA is connected it just opens then closes right away, if the SATA is
disconnected then it will stay open.

Everything should be 100% compatiable, the only question that I have been
asking myself is if the motherboard is compatiable with the memory. The
motherboard supports 1600 OC DDR3 and I purchased GSkill DDR3 1600, I'm not
sure what the OC is about.

Without the memory installed and just the motherboard and processor
something should appear on the screen during boot.. Am I correct? I think I
might possibly have a fauly motherboard. Any suggestions, I paid around
$1,700 for a system that doesn't work and I'm starting to get nervous.



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    G.SKILL 4GB (2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1600 (PC3 12800) Dual
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Re: New Custom Machine won't Boot.. Please Help

Jason wrote:
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May not be it...
If you are in the USA, Canada or any other country with 110-120 volts
"mains" power, and the switch on the back of the power supply is in the
220-240 (or similar) position, you'll get symptoms like this.

I've been bit by this twice. The thing that kept me chasing my tail was
that the drives would spin up OK.

Re: New Custom Machine won't Boot.. Please Help

On Sat, 03 Oct 2009 13:26:32 -0700, "nobody >"

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For the time being, disconnect everything, remove all cards
and unplug all drives except for 1 memory module, the CPU,
heatsink/fan, and video card.

Quoted text here. Click to load it

It appears that technically speaking, DDR3/1333 is supported
by the chipset, but these days chipsets have wide
overclocking potential and Asus is saying that with
appropriate memory it will run at the faster 1600 and 1800

Generally the motherboard should be first POSTing at the
default bus speed not the 1600 oc speed.

Check the sticker on the motherboard bios EEPROM, Asus'
support page reads that you need at least bios version 0203
to support that CPU.  On second thought, it looks like Asus
used the smaller DIP8 bios EEPROM (just to the left of the
coin-cell battery), so the sticker might be next to it
instead of on it, or might be missing entirely.

Quoted text here. Click to load it

No, without memory you should get beeps.  Memory is required
to get something on the monitor, first the video card bios
screen then the POST testing and enumeration screen, or just
the mainboard manufacturer logo screen.

Quoted text here. Click to load it

Just be sure to contact Newegg for an RMA before the chance
to do so has expired, they are very good about accepting
returns, in fact you don't even need to be "accepted" for an
RMA, can just fill in their online form to get one.

Most often the problem is the mainboard or PSU.  Unplug the
PSU from AC power (or use the switch on the rear of it) and
use the mainboard clear CMOS jumper, then retry starting it.

Since Newegg is very fast about shipping parts, and since
you seem to have no alternate parts that are both compatible
and known working to swap in for a trial, IF you have enough
time left on the RMA return period what I would do is order
another of that motherboard right now, and get an RMA
/refund request for it now.

That way a replacement is sent to you ASAP, so if it turns
out the replacement board  doesn't fix the problem, you
still have time to seek an RMA for the PSU.  If time is
running out on an RMA for the PSU and you still haven't
received the replacement motherboard or had time to test it,
go ahead and request an RMA for the PSU before the chance to
do so expires, you can always just let the RMA request
expire instead of sending it to them.

By asking for an RMA/refund instead of RMA/exchange, they
may try to bill you a 15% restocking fee.  However, because
you ordered a replacement of the same product (now), you can
simply call them and they will remove the 15% restock fee
and refund the entire purchase price.  Usually  they will
refund the shipping (to you) fee as well, if you ask them
too and tell them it was not a changed decision on the
product but rather a faulty product.

It is possible it is something else like the video card, if
you have a spare video card, even an ancient PCI video card,
try removing the present card and installing it instead,
though you may need an analog cable and monitor capability
on really old PCI video cards.

It is also possible one of the memory modules is faulty, try
each one individually, making sure AC power is  turned off
when swapping them in and out.  It is even possible the
board reads the SPD and trys to run them at 1600, but they
aren't stable at that speed but I think it the least likely
scenario... but the only way to be sure could be to swap
parts until you find the one swap that gets it working.

Quoted text here. Click to load it

The particular power supply mentioned has no 110/220 switch
to flip, it will fun from either voltage automatically.

Re: New Custom Machine won't Boot.. Please Help

kony wrote:
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 One last thing I would add is if none of the above suggestions get the
motherboard to post or at least beep is to take it out of the chassis
entirely and try it again.  Place the motherboard on something
non-conductive and see if it then works.  If it does then it's time to check
for grounded screw or a missing insulating washer somewhere when the
motherboard was installed in the chassis.

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