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I'm building my dream machine (as much as I can afford) and hit a new error
for me.

The system is Intel mobo D975XBX2KR w/ Core 2 Duo E6600 and video card
Parahelia APVe which is a 128MB PCIe x16.

It copies the XP pro cd without a problem (horizontal bar at bottom goes to
and then starts the installation process so a blue XP logo screen comes up
that shows
on the left of screen that Collecting information, Dynamic Update and
Preparing Installation
is complete and that Installing Windows has started with 39% left.  It is
the window where
they start talking about features (on the right side of the screen and
Windows Movie
Maker blurb is up).

Then a window pops up and says:
"Error, Installation Failed:   D:\I386\asms          Error Message: The
parameter is incorrect.
Fatal Error:   One of the components that windows needs to continue setup
could not be
installed.   The parameter is incorrect."

Oh heck, what does this mean??  There was a blurb about Raid when the post
started but
I ignored that.  Do I need to go back into setup to fix something??  If it
gets this far, all of
my physical components are working, aren't they??.


Re: New build error message

Sometimes you need to pre-install the PCI-e drivers with XP when it
says something about load proprietary SCSI drivers now (been a while
since I installed my XP and had to put the PCI.e driver in so my
memory of the actual wording isn't good.
These should be on your motherboard CD or the manufacturers site - BUT
- you can only enter them from a floppy. Soo! if you havn't got one.

Re: New build error message

Hola Jenny como estas soy nueva y estoy algo desorientada.

Re: New build error message

Hi, Inspect the cd for any marks or blemishes, if need be use a very
soft cloth, try the CD in a different drive a dvd will do if you have
one installed or  follow this- :

Hope it helps.


Re: New build error message

yep, 3 bad cds.  Cleaning didn't help.  That was a bummer but I don't take
good care of them.  They are just in a stack.  I'm going to buy some paper

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