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can windows98 support the new core duo 2?
somebody told me that Intel's core duo doesnt work with windows 98...
is it possible?

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I'm probably feeding the trolls here, but why would you want it to?


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On Thu, 26 Oct 2006 09:04:57 GMT, "SteveH"

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One  common reason is Win98 supports legacy apps and
hardware that newer OS (except maybe WinME) may not.  There
may still be a need for these apps or hardware but the
systems are now aged onto end of life, so replacement
hardware has to do the job.

Win98 does not support multiple CPU cores.  I'd expect it
works fine on the first core but don't recall anyone trying
it (but then I wasn't looking for evidence of it either).
On Win98 an Athlon 64 will be higher performance and higher
performance per $.

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It'll work just fine, it just won't derive any benefit from the second
CPU core.  This goes for almost all older software that isn't
multiprocessor aware.  It'll run as normal.  It just won't see the
second CPU core at all.  Same applies to the dual core X2 chips from



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borgy wrote:
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You also need driver support for the chipset and peripherals on the
motherboard. The Intel chipsets interface to disk drives, might still
manage to work with Win98, due to the "legacy" option in the BIOS.
I'm not sure about the rest of it, though. Video is a big question mark.
Before wasting money on the experiment, I'd want to see someone else
boot a given piece of hardware with Win98 first. In some cases, the
support is hidden (not obvious without examination, that the support
is still there). I would place higher odds on an SIS or VIA chipset
working perhaps. Check the chipset makers web sites and their download
page for more evidence.

And I suppose, getting one core working, instead of two, is still worth
something. The Core 2 Duo family uses less power then Pentium 4, so
you would be ahead that way. I don't know if all power management
features would be working or not. (Some non-Intel chipset motherboards
specifically state which power management features are broken.)


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Win 98 does NOT support dual core CPU's.


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