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I've been a bit out of the hardware world for a while now and so much has
changed.. I currently have a P4 3ghz machine with 1gig ram and Radeon 9800.
Am noticing that games are starting to come out that I can't even play on
low settings (eg Gothic III - however I think in this case its probably lack
of memory) .. maybe time for an upgrade?

Had a quick squizz around.. looks like PCI-express and DDR2 are all the bang
now so I tentatively picked the following:

CPU: Athlon 64 X2 4200+
Mobo: MSI K9N4 Ultra-F, NVIDIAŽ nForce 500 Ultra, 4x SATAII (with RAID 0, 1,
0+1), 1 x ATA133
Ram: OCZ     2gb DDR2 667
Video: Powercolor ATI Radeon X1950Pro 256MB Arctic Cooling Version. 2x DVI.

Questions, is this a good rig? (price and performance)  .. will it be much
better than what I originally had? . .any other suggestions?

Thanks in advance for any info,


Re: need thoughts :)

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I'm sure that will be a good machine...
but why not go all the way and get a quad care

heck that's only $3,000 -$5,000    !

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Re: need thoughts :)


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That's nothing to sneeze at, pretty good really. Plenty of memory, the
P4 @ 3GHz is fine. Is it a hyperthreading P4? if so, is hyperthreading
enabled in XP? What's the FSB speed?

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Re: need thoughts :)

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Yeh, the P4 3ghz isn't a bad cpu.. the problem I had is that I only have 1
gig of ram and a radeon 9800.. to keep the p4 I would have to upgrade to
another agp card and get more DDR ram (not DDR2) .. seemed a bit backward..
thought it would be better to upgrade to PCI-e and DDR2 to keep up with the
flow of technology, and put the p4 mobo and cpu into my mythtv box (it'll be
sooo happy for the upgrade - currently Athlon XP 2000+)


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