Need Help for 64-bit design of computer, please?

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I am wanting to build a 64 bit AMD based system. I want to stay below
$700.00 if possible. I need to buy a case, motherboard, cpu with
heatsink/fan, video card, RAM, and a hard drive. I would also like to
have some, if all, of the following in the system.

1 GIG of Ram
256 mb video card [pcExpress]
80-100 gig 7200 rpm 8mb cache hard drive
A case which has fans and is very easy to install motherboard etc.
The fastest cpu and motherboard possible, considering my price limit.
I also want to reuse my ide based dvd and cd burners [2] of them.

This is a list of my Current system [nearly 3 years old]

PNY Geforce 6200 Vanilla AGP card
[2]-Kingston DDRAM 256M|DDR400 CL25 PC3200
Western Digital HD 80GB|WD 7200RPM 8MB cache
Floppy drive 1.44MB|SAMSUNG
CPU AMD|2500+/333Mhz ATHLON XP BARTON core
DVD plextor Burner
Motherboard NFORCE2 A7N8X-UAY 400Mhz

Before taxes and shipping I paid $577.00
After shipping and taxes I paid $623.00

Any suggestion on a new build/rig?
Reason I ask is I have not kept up with the latest technology since I
didn't need anything until now.

Can someone please help me make some hardware decisons?

I am not one of those hard core gamers, I like simple games like quake
3d and starcraft type games.
I am not a movie editor or and person involved in things like cad
programs either.

Thanks people,

Re: Need Help for 64-bit design of computer, please?

I think your system is fast enough yet for the task you use. I'd bought an
additional  512 DDR and nothing more.

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