Need help finding fan connectors

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A member in another forum has this problem, and I wanted to see if there
was a way to assist him:

What I thought would be a simple install now needs connectors I can't find.
The cpu fan I want to control has a 4-pin molex for power and a separate
yellow cable for rpm sense. The zalman connects to the mobo and has a 3-pin
female plug that is designed to take a fan that uses 3-pin. I can't find
the right connector on newegg or svc. What the hell? I could get a 4-pin to
3-pin but then I loose the rpm sense. I've got a box full of connectors and
sure enough, not one that I need.

~If any of you know what is available, or of some good cable products
dealers, please let me know, I don't know where to even start!

Re: Need help finding fan connectors

Get a 3 Pin Extension Cable < ,
cut off the appropriate end, and splice it to the fan.

On Sun, 26 Jun 2005 02:39:00 GMT, signmeuptoo

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