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Re: Need graphics card advice

Jinx Minx wrote:

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Only one article comes to mind, comparing the impact of a limited processor
on performance. This is from a while ago. The weaker processor (grey bars)
wastes some of the performance of the higher end cards. So the purchaser
is throwing away some of their potential performance. 123 versus 109 frames
per second. For the low end video card, there is little difference as the
CPU isn't holding the card back. But for the high end video cards, the CPU
is pegged at 100%.,579-3.html

Some games are GPU bound, meaning the GPU is busy internally, or lacks
memory bandwidth for the things a game designer might do. There is
at least one game, that no matter how expensive a video card you use,
the framerate doesn't rise that rapidly. That is the game they
throw three or four card SLI at :-)

Other games are CPU bound, meaning the graphics of the game are an
afterthought. The CPU is real busy doing physics calculations, doing
AI for bots in the game, and the CPU holds back the game. You put
in a better graphics card, and it is still lag-city. In that case,
you really need a CPU upgrade. (The problem with S754, was the
retailers were charging a fortune for the top end processors. Even
in the used market, there may be a high premium for those.)

An "in-between" game might be doing a fair amount of planning for the
graphics display, and if you raise the image quality setting of the
game, the CPU may not be able to feed data much faster to the graphics
card. In that case, what you'd conclude is "why did I spend all this
money on a graphics card?".

I've had at least one purchasing experience, where I bought a graphics
card, and for the system it was in, there was no improvement. I was
a bit pissed about it at the time. Live and learn :-)


Re: Need graphics card advice


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Here's another, though all the CPUs it lists are probably
significantly faster than the XP-M the OP has.

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