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I've been building computers since 1988 but have a dilemma maybe some of
you smart people can help me with.

I built the system (listed belw) in Dec '04 with a RAIDMAX 420w PSU and
a little 6200GT video card. For nearly 2 years now the system has been
solid as a rock.

Then I discovered Second Life and decided to upgrade my video card,
which meant upgrading my PSU.

Now my system reads as follows:

MSI K8N Neo4 Platiunum Ultra nForce4 [non-SLI] (PCB 1.0a)
AMD Athlon 64 +3000
1 GB Mushkin DDR400 PC 3200 Dual Ch. RAM (2 x 512)
2 SATA II Samsung 160GB drives (not in RAID)
1 SATA Plextor DVD
1 XFX 7950GT
XION 600w PSU (+12v  running 28A)
Sound Blaster Live! Drive Platinum (CT4760, 1999)
1 floppy

The problem, is the video card and Sound Blaster Live! will not play
nice. If I leave the SB installed (the hardware, that is), when I go to
boot the system hangs during POST. IOW, fans engage, DVD light flashes,
all seems honkey dorey, then just as you'd expect the CMOS info to come
rolling up on screen.... nothing happens. Black screen. Nothing. (I also
don't get the initial beep that tells you everything is cool a second or
two after power up.)

If I take the SB Live! out, everything is great.

I tried telling CMOS to reserve IRQ5 for a legacy PCI/ISA device. Didn't
help. I would use another sound card, but this one has the bay drive
unit with front ports for midi, SPDIF, phones, inputs, etc. It was
originally a few hundred dollars, and I don't care to replace it.

I emailed Creative Labs. They don't offer technical support for this
device anymore. I do have all the drivers up to date, though.


Thanks folks,

Re: Need Expert Help, Please :)

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I don't remember the 'live' series having the bay inputs. Audigy2 (platinum)
variety did.

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reset the configuration data  (ESCD) or reset the cmos with the cards

Re: Need Expert Help, Please :)

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Yeah, this one is SB "Live! Drive" Platinum, and it has a front bay with
MIDI in/out ports (great for my old synthesizer), headphones with vol
control (I use constantly), line in (also use often), and SPDIF in/out
ports. My mobo has all these ports (minus MIDI) but they are on the rear
AND are not active if you disable the mobo sound (which needless to say
is always disabled for the sound card).

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Tried resetting CMOS with cards installed several times. Also removed
the battery and waited a few minutes, then reinstalled. But when both
cards are present in the system, it won't POST, so I can't get into the
CMOS setup unless I take one of them out and reboot.

I might try leaving the sound card in the PCI slot, but disconnecting
the parallel cable (and power connector) that runs to the Live! Drive
bay... Just to see if the vid card and SB will run together w/o the bay

And I'm going to check out the link johns gave me.

Will report back later in case anyone's interested in the results.

Thanks, guys. :)

Re: Need Expert Help, Please :)

That card had a world of patches trying to get it to
run with modern games. You might try the latest
patches for it. Personally, I would toss it. Check the
UBI Far Cry Discussion site. I think I remember some
squawking about problems and patches there. Search
on your card in the Technical section.


Re: Need Expert Help, Please :)

Hey jonhs,

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I do have the latest drivers, according to Creative Labs. But maybe
patches are a different story. I used their update tool to check it
themselves (something I rarely do but because it's legacy I thought the
tool might do a better job than I could), but I couldn't have the 7950
installed at the same time (for obvious reasons) so if there were
patches for that card, the tool would not have thought I needed them. I
looked manually, but couldn't find anything that seemed relevant.

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::whimper:: The bay is really handy. I use it constantly. And the sound
is great. I hate to toss it, it was a pretty penny and still meets all
my needs. Plus I'd like to upgrade my CPU to a FX-55 2.6 San Diego,
which will be another $200... the funds are limited. But I hear what
you're saying for sure. Legacy stuff is a PITA.

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Thanks for your suggestion! I'll check that out...!


Re: Need Expert Help, Please :)

Kate ( wrote:

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Have you tried the SB card in another machine?

Lasse Jensen [fafler at g mail dot com]
Linux, the choice of a GNU generation.

Re: Need Expert Help, Please :)

Oh man alive... when I think of all the grief I went through...! ;-D

My mobo has a yellow PCIe, then three white PCI slots, and a bright
orange PCI. The bright orange one was stuck in my head as a dedicated
communications port slot (says so in the manual and I'd remembered that
from when I built the box 2 yrs ago, which is why my modem card was in
there for those occasional faxes I'd send from the desktop). Whenever I
moved the SB card to another PCI slot (which I've done for 2 weeks off
and on and off agan), I'd move it between the three open white slots. In
my mind (without thinking about it) the orange one was 'dedicated.'

I got fed up awhile ago and was laying down to take a nap (<g>), when it
hit me that at some point in the night (yes, in my sleep), I'd realized
the orange PCI slot doesn't have to have that modem card in it. Just
because it's a dedicated communications slot, doesn't mean other PCI
devices can't go there. IT is PCI 1 where the SB should go.

I jumped up off the bed, ripped out the modem card, stuck the SB in the
slot and....


Let's just say it's time for a cigar and a drink. <G>


Re: Need Expert Help, Please :)

I used the Live! card for a few years and found it only worked best with the
driver that XP installed. I didn't install anything from Creative except to
manually install their MP3 player off their disk. I would say get the Audigy
2 ZS or the X-fi and spare yourself any more headaches. And get the retail
versions, not the OEMs( or "value" versions).

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