Need cheap PCIe video card...

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I'm trying to find a source for a single inexpensive PCIe video card for use
in a low volume file server that doesn't have on-board video. I potentially
could use PCI but most of the inexpensive cards I see on Newegg and
elsewhere are about the same price for both PCIe and PCI (and I might
actually want to use it elsewhere in the future).

I'm also not certain about the specs on some cards where they say something
like, "256 megs, 64 on-board."  I realize that this implies something about
memory shared with the system, but I don't know if this means that it would
detract from the system's rams even if a monitor wasn't in use or not even

Can anyone explain?


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Re: Need cheap PCIe video card...

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If opting for a new card with 12 months of warranty, any passively
 < $40 / 40 PCIe card would do fine.
Ati Radeon X300SE or Nvidia GeForce 6200LE series.

USB based external video cards/dongles cost about twice that and there
the issue
of drivers and whether or not they work as the sole GFX adapter.

If you want to go really cheap, go find relatively modern
(as opposed to Diamond Stealth Virge or older)
Radeon 7x00, Geforce 5200 or Matrox G200 based PCI cards.
(running my server with an AGP G400, but with a NorthWood P4)

What, aren't ISA based cards an option ?

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The 256 MB refers to the maximum amount of shared memory; it should be
possible to disable it completely or reduce it to 8 or 16 MB.


Re: Need cheap PCIe video card...

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