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Re: need a new motherboard for old PC

don wrote:
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Any particular reason for not wanting to upgrade?

Re: need a new motherboard for old PC


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Wouldn't "replace the motherboard with a faster one" qualify
as an upgrade?

Given the task - running DOS6 and Win3.1, it would seem the
primary factor here is finding something that doesn't
similarly have a battery near the end of it's expected life,
or a board with either a removable coin cell battery or a
pin header for plugging in an external battery pack - this
is assuming one would rather have either of these
alternatives, though it isn't rocket science to buy a few
NiCad coin cells with tabs and solder together a replacement
pack if the board uses an external instead of a realtime
clock module... though even those are possibly replacable
depending on which one it is.

In the end the suggestion for the motherboard is "whatever
you can find".  Go to some local mom-n-pop computer shops
and ask around, they may be throwing away several systems a
month that have old AT boards in them, some of which may be
dead or worn out but others still ok... keeping in mind the
battery issue mentioned above, or actually that if your old
board only needs a battery that you might consider replacing
the battery... if it was fast enough for the job for the
past 10+ years it should still be fast enough now, it's just
a late date to try and upgrade an AT system as even the
power supply may be slowing dying from old age.

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