Mysterious Crashing/Mobo Won't Boot Problem

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I got a problem with my system. The system is:
Intel P4 2.4GHz
Gigabyte GA-8IPE1000-G, i865 Chipset
PixelView (Prolink) GeForce MX4000 64MB
VisiPro PC2700 256Mb RAM
Seagate 40Gb HDD
SoundBlaster Ensoniq PCI 1371 Sound card
Dell 17" Monitor
Prolink 1456VE V.90 56k external voice modem (connected to COM1)
Prolink 600VA UPS

The problem started when I finished playing a game, and fire up an
editor. The system crashed with the monitor on standby mode. I reset the
system, but it won't boot.

Because the mobo have a history of USB problems, I disconnect the USB
printer cable. The PC then boot as normal. I retried anything I do prior
the crash, which is exiting the game, and loading the editor. The PC
crashed as I expected, but now disconnecting the USB printer cable won't

I then remove the soundcard. The PC boots again. I reinsert the
soundcard, the PC still boot like normal, only now WinXP won't detect the
soundcard, no matter what I do. So I revert to onboard audio, install the
drivers, and everything seemed to run fine.

Then it crashed again, now while I was working with MS Word 2000 and
hearing music with WinAmp. After several unsuccessful retries to make the
PC boot again, I did what I thought was the remotest possibility,
disconnecting the monitor cable. Surprisingly, it works.

I then reconnect the monitor cable again, and the PC still works. I
reformat the HDD, and re-install WinXP. Although I have a slight problem
when re-installing (the installer whines it couldn't copy 'AcVerFyr.dll',
but I ignore it; but this is strange, I've never had problems with the
Master CD before). After approx. 10 hours, the PC crash again, with the
same symptoms as before, only now I couldn't get the PC to boot.

After lending a diagnostic card from a friend, I know that the PC get
stuck when testing extended memory (and/or, as the manual says,
initializing slot 5, whatever that is). So I remove the RAM module, clean
the contacts both on the module and on the slot, and reinstall it to Dimm
2 instead of Dimm 1 where it previously installed. The PC boots (as a
note, the diagnostic card now shows that somehow, it get stuck when
testing protected mode exception, and/or enabling/initializing slot 6,
for whatever that means) and seemed runs fine. I immediately run Prime95
torture test (blend test) and left the PC alone. After 30 minutes, it
crashed again.

I then reinstall the RAM module back to Dimm 1, and the PC boots again.
Run Prime95 blend test again, this time along with WinAmp. The PC crashed
again after 2 hours. Like before, the diagnostic card says it get stuck
when testing extended memory. Now, I couldn't get the PC to boot, no
matter what Dimm slot I insert the RAM module.

OK, I admit, I haven't tried to exchange the RAM module yet, as I got
only a single RAM module and haven't got any spare (also, it's a
pilgrimage to go to the vendor).

Now, what can cause such crashes? Can RAM problem cause such symptoms
(the monitor suddenly went blank and go to standby mode, and the system
won't respond even to reset button or power down)? Is the RAM problem is
the source of the problem or just an effect? What else can cause these
symptoms? (I somehow suspect, but prays it isn't, the North Bridge)

The only new thing to the system is the monitor, which I bought from a
used parts dealer about 2 weeks ago. Prior using Dell 17", I've used a
GTC 14" monitor.

Plz Help


Re: Mysterious Crashing/Mobo Won't Boot Problem

On Sun, 05 Mar 2006 17:19:04 +0000, Ricky Romaya inscribed to the world:

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Just brainstorming-- but is your CPU fan connected and working? I build a
PC once and the CPU fan was accidentally disconnected causing sporadic but
regular reboots as the CPU would heat up.  Also is your power supply
adequate in wattage for what you have in your system?

Re: Mysterious Crashing/Mobo Won't Boot Problem

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I have verified the CPU fan is connected and working. The power supply is
500W, which I assume is more than enough (also have verified the 12V

An update, I have tried to change the RAM module, but the PC still won't

Plz Help


Re: Mysterious Crashing/Mobo Won't Boot Problem

On 10 Mar 2006 07:08:03 GMT, Ricky Romaya

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What make, model of power supply?  If it's a generic, assume
the wattage is overstated.

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Check voltages again, temps, clear CMOS, run memtest86+, try
a repair or clean install of the OS.  Examine system for
loose cables, cards, connectors, and failed capacitors &

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