Mushkin High Performance Blue Series (HP) - 2 gigs dual - For Sale

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Mushkin High Performance Blue Series (HP) - 2 gigs dual for sale on
EBay. HP 3200 DDR 400 - 2 one gig sticks dual

This memory is still in the air bubble as sent from Mushkin and have
never been opened from shipping... brand new!
The Mushkin High Performance Blue Series (HP)-This line of modules is
designed for excellent STABILITY and QUALITY while maintaining an
affordable price. These lower latency modules use major brand, tier
one chips; built on Mushkin’s Black PCB, and are designed to offer
the greatest range in system compatibility. All Mushkin High
Performance memory modules come with an installed heat spreader to
eliminate localized hotspots, further enhancing lifetime and
overclockability. Each 128Mx64 HP3200 is 64Mx8 chip density. Rated
2-3-2 at 400MHz. Voltage: 2.6V ~ 2.8V. These modules are tested in a
dual channel motherboard before shipment to ensure full compatibility
in dual channel mode.

Glenn M


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