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To all readers,

I'm curious as to what type of monitor set up everyone has.

how many monitors do you have on your desk and in what configuration?  
what application are you using it with.

I suspect its has good use in some gaming applications and in flight

I'm really intrigued by this.

Is there a multi-monitor setup that lets you expand from one monitor
stand and build your way up to a certain amount like 2  to 5 or more
monitors without having to discard parts?

Re: multi-monitor setup

dilbert firestorm wrote:
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If you click "Browse Gallery" here, you can see examples of
multi monitor setups. They mention how many video cards it
takes. Not all the entries are exactly clear about the hardware.
And I doubt some of these setups are used for games or flight
simulations, because the hardware is too weak.

There is a posting on their forums here, with some FS9 and FSX

If you want a motherboard with lots of video card slots:

L1N64-SLI WS (bring buckets of money... AMD socket 1207)

Striker Extreme (Intel solution LGA775, supports FSB1333)
There are other boards with three slots as well, so this is only a taste.

Don't just grab the first thing you see, in terms of hardware :-)
You can dump a lot of money into setups like this.


Re: multi-monitor setup

On Fri, 28 Sep 2007 03:49:01 -0500, dilbert firestorm wrote:

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I use dual monitor setup's both at work and at home. At work I use one
display for mostly static stuff, email client, maps that monitor the
network and such. The other one I run mainly my terminal programs on. Its
really great for taking informaion from and email and just dropping it
into the terminal on the other monitor. This setup uses an AGP Nvidia
FX5500 128Mb. The Primary monitor is a 19" Hitachi LCD the Secondary
monitor is a 21" Viewsonic CRT. At home my wife an I do a lot of work with
Photoshop and Different Video Editing Software. It is really nice to have
a whole 21" for workspace in photoshop and putting the tool bars on the
secondary display. Also you can play games on one display and leave your
messengers and email running on the Secondary Display so you can see
whats going on even if your in a full screen game. That setup is an PCI-E
X1950XTX with 2 21" Viewsonic CRT's. It also helps a ton when Im working
on web pages to have the editor open on one screen and the test browser on
the other.


Re: multi-monitor setup

In alt.comp.hardware.pc-homebuilt dilbert firestorm

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Depends on which computer.

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On my main PC, I have just a single 1680x1050 LCD monitor.
I used it to replace my old 21", which is now down on the Wife's

On the wife's computer (like I said) I now have a Dell 21" dual-input

On my laptop, I usually use just the built-in screen; but at the moment
I have it hooked up to a Sony 21" monitor for easier viewing.

In the past I've hooked up both 21" monitors on my main PC; but after a
few weeks I removed the second monitor because it was *way* too
distracting, gave me little (if any) extra utility; and made finding
Icons and programs on the desktop twice as hard.

That's not even mentioning the problems encountered when certain
programs automatically switched resolutions to what *they* liked.

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Mostly just Windows XP with:
Netscape 7.2
Norton SystemWorks
WORDSTAR and LIST (under DOS).
I've got a whole desktop and three toolbars almost completely filled
with Icons of Windows-based programs that I use every month or so; but
all of them together aren't used as much as the least one of the above

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*I* didn't like it at all for games.

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Most video-boards only support two monitors; and only some of them.
Going beyond that gets to be a major hardware problem.

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