msi k8ngm2 goes unstable with any usb

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I have a 6150 nVidia board.

Tests with memtest86+ pass until I plug in any USB device, then there are
many errors.

The PSU is an Antec 450 that comes with the Sonata II.

I will try another PSU tomorrow.

I get the same trouble with 2 types of RAM (1GB):
    Kingston HyperX PC3200
    OCZ PC3200 Platinum 2-3-2-5

The bios won't give me a 400Hz Dram frequency until I raise the memory
voltage above 2.65 Volts.

If its not the PSU I might need to RMA ...

thanks for any advice.

Re: msi k8ngm2 goes unstable with any usb

On Wed, 06 Sep 2006 05:24:18 +0000, joe hacker wrote:

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the board is headed for RMA
I never bothered to install any OS since the USB is broken.

Without the memtest86+ tool I would have gone ahead and installed WinXP then
wasted endless time troubleshooting corrupt files on USB.

Lately I install FC5 from an ISO stored in a FAT32 partition on an
external USB drive. With the read/write errors the install may never have
started. I tried a rescue and it crashed.


Re: msi k8ngm2 goes unstable with any usb

On Thu, 07 Sep 2006 05:27:31 GMT, joe hacker

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Memtest86+ is currently at version v1.65
nForce4 support is slated to be added to next version, 1.66,
but even then, people will have to test it.

Such is unfortunately the case with memtest86+, you have to
wait for freeware development to catch up to technological

Your board is not supported at all and you cannot
necessarily draw conclusions based on what happens adding a
USB drive.

As for no 400MHz memory frequency, it's common for boards to
be picky about low latency modules, you might find a newer
bios addresses this, or tweaking memory timings or ???
But if it works at 2.7V without the USB drive plugged in, it
may be fine, no reason to RMA based on this alone.  If the
memory is spec'd as capable of the other speed and timings
at 1.65V or lower, then ideally it would require no more
from your board, but sometimes it happens anyway, some
boards need to boost voltage a little. Your board might be a
little shy on low ESR/capacitance on the memory power too so
that might account for needing a little more voltage, but
2.7, 2.8, they're not exceptionally high and should be ok to

On the other hand we can't conclude the memory is
fine/stable either, but what is the resolution to an RMA?
If you get the same make/model of board again, you may
(likely) have exact same issue with same memory, so
ultimately the best course would seem to get that board to
work if it will, or a refund/credit towards another board.

Re: msi k8ngm2 goes unstable with any usb



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I meant, refund/credit towards a different make or model of
board instead of same thing.

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