MSI K8N Neo-4/AMD 64 X2 3800+ Opinions?

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Any opinions on this motherboard/CPU combination?  Or on MSI motherboards in

And does anyone know what the 4th PCI slot is for (the orange one),
according to MSI's web site it describes it as being reserved for
communications, what does this mean, can I put my wireless PCI NIC there?


Re: MSI K8N Neo-4/AMD 64 X2 3800+ Opinions?

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I don't understand the concept of "bundles". The whole purpose
of building a computer from scratch, is customization, getting
the exact parts you want for the build. A "bundle" is like
buying a Dell, you get what someone else wants you to have.

There must be some separate motherboard purchase plus separate
processor purchase, that is cheaper than that, if you are shopping
on price.

In the MSI docs, it is unclear exactly what hardware feature
that slot has, that is so special. It would appear it is
just an orange colored connector. On some motherboards, I
think they may stuff a USB connector on the slot, but in that
MSI board, all the Nvidia provided USB interfaces are still
available for general usage. So I don't see what other functions
might be "reserved" for that slot.

The MSI docs also mention some kind of software/feature for
managing a wireless connection, but MSI didn't bother to
suggest what wireless product might work with the thing. If
MSI is suggesting some MSI wireless product, that a user
might use with the motherboard, I cannot find any mention of
it. So, it seems "lots of marketing talk", but no substance.
If they wanted to lock you into some MSI products, their
docs and web site did a terrible job of making it obvious
what you are supposed to buy.


Re: MSI K8N Neo-4/AMD 64 X2 3800+ Opinions?

itemyar wrote:
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I have a MSI K8MM running Athlon 64 3000+.  This is a socket 754 board
which I got with the CPU for ~$200.  It's a VIA chipset which some
people disparage but has worked fine for me.

The K8N is newer with socket 939 and PCI Exp slots.
I've has no trouble with the MSI board.  The manual and software that
came with it were poor, but the web site is pretty good.  I'm running
Windows XP x64, and they have 64 bit drivers available.

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I think this is what was called the "CRN" slot used for software modems.
Most wireless NIC's use a standard PCI slot.

It all depends on what you want the computer to do.  It looks like a
good deal if you can use the X2 capabilities.  It also has four memory
slots, which you can use with a 64 bit OS.

Virg Wall, P.E.

Re: MSI K8N Neo-4/AMD 64 X2 3800+ Opinions?

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I've used MSI before and had no problems...
Recently I've built an X2-3800 machine and went with an Asus mobo however.
I got the parts from Monarch Computer who's prices are comparable to

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