motherboard LED connectors and posts?

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Does anyone know where you can order motherboard LED type connectors
and posts like these

Preferably at a good price, as I am looking to buy a bunch (a couple

I have seen 2 or 3 pin connectors are pretty common on motherboards,
but I am mainly looking for one-pin connectors, if available.

I would imagine the posts may just come in strips of wire that you
would cut yourself?

Much appreciated...

Re: motherboard LED connectors and posts?

Scientist Jr says...
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Correct. Any electronics hobbyist store should have them.


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Re: motherboard LED connectors and posts?

Thanks for your reply.

I tried searching for LED connectors and get LEDs. I want the
connectors and posts, not replacement LEDs for a motherboard.

What are these known by? If you can name some specific parts that
would help narrow my search, because I'm getting several

- LED Light Pipes & Mounting Accessories (81 Matches)
- Pin & Socket Connectors (198 Matches)
- Pin & Socket Contacts (17 Matches)
- Terminal Blocks (16 Matches)
- Terminals (93 Matches)

I just want the one pin connector type, with a wire attached, and the
post it would plug onto (which you mount or solder onto the PC


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Re: motherboard LED connectors and posts?

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Ah, yes, the connectors are general-purpose, and have nothing to do with
LEDs specifically, although this is the context in which you happen to
have encountered them; therefore searching on the term "LED" is leading
you astray.

There are literally hundreds to choose from, but here are a couple
example part numbers I pulled out of the Mouser catalog to point you in
the right direction:

    Header: Mouser 517-2312-6111tg, 3m 2312-6111tg
    Socket: Mouser 517-974-01-02, 3m 929974-01-02 (board mount)

the sockets also come for crimp pin or IDC connections.  I think once
you stop searching for "LED" you'll be able to find things easily.

Re: motherboard LED connectors and posts?

On 30 May 2007 10:35:47 -0700, Mad Scientist Jr

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Male pin headers and female socket connectors with 0.1" pin
spacing.  Also socket contacts (inserts) are often sold
separate from the socket itself.

They can be very expensive from electronics supply houses,
ridiculously so for the female connector and insert.

What exactly are you looking for?  Straight plastic sockets
with 0.1" pin spacing but do they have to be the very thin
(black in your links) type such that on a row of pins in a
pin header, you could plug in two right next to each other,
OR could the plastic connector body be larger like those
used on fans?   The point is that if looking for an
especially low price, one option is surplus electronics
'sites which may have something that would work (or may not)
depending on the requirements beyond the basic # of pins,
spacing and pin size.

You might find them called something else, generically
grouped as just "connectors" or slightly more like "pin
connectors" at a store/site that doesn't deal with as many
connectors and just doesn't follow standard naming

You might check the following surplus sites (and ebay). / / / / /

Re: motherboard LED connectors and posts?

Thanks to everyone for your replies.

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That should be a big help - I just needed some keywords: header,
socket, board mount, IDC.

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This helps...

This would be a way to make certain components (such as pots &
trimmers, 1/4" phono jacks, switches, or other sub-circuits) "plug and
play" for various prototypes + experiments. The motherboard size
headers are small enough where the leads match the components I'm
using and the pins on a motherboard that LEDs plug into are just the
right size to plug into a solderless breadboard, but are more durable
than the regular breadboard jumper wires.

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Thanks again

Re: motherboard LED connectors and posts?

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Dont'forget Mendelson's

These outlets will often have very good prices, but sometimes it can be hard
to tell exactly what you are getting, and you cannot count on getting the
same thing from them next week.

I would suggest you call Digikey and Mouser and have them send you their
paper catalog.  there are hundreds of very similar connectors, often with
very different prices.  It is really hard using the web search for these
things to locate the best one for your purposes, although Digikey does have
a scheme where you can download parts of their catalog as pdf.  Mouser
probaby does too.  Mouser and Digikey seem to have a competition on who can
kill the most trees, though ... both of their catalogs are over 3000 pages.
You will not make friends with the mailman this way.

You will find that Mouser and Digikey tend to have different pricing, as
does Newark.  The one that is cheaper for one thing often isn't cheaper for
another.  I don't think Newark has a paper catalog, unfortunate because they
are often cheaper than Mouser and Digikey.

Also be aware that on these types of connectors you sometimes need to buy
the pins seperately from the housing.


Re: motherboard LED connectors and posts?

I think you might be looking for something that was called "daisy chain
jumper wire" way back in my wire-wrap days.  It came as a spool of
flexible, stranded insulated wire about 24 guage or so, with an
insulated single pin socket every 5 inches or so.  You just counted off
the number of jumpers you wanted to interconnect, and snip them off of
the roll.  The sockets fit over standard .025" square posts quite nicely
and allowed testing minor modifications without wrapping on new wires.

They had a multitude of uses.  I still have some leds and other things
with single 5" wires attached to each leg (each with it's own socket at
the end).

I haven't even looked for this stuff for years, and know I hava a half
roll tucked away in a box somewhere.  If I could only find it I'd at
least have a part number and manufacturer to provide.  I'll see if I can
dig it out sometime in the next couple of days...

Good Luck

Mad Scientist Jr wrote:
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Re: motherboard LED connectors and posts?

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if you are still interested go to voxtecnologies and ask for john tell
him Willie ref. you

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