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Any suggestions on a motherboard replacement for an e-Machine - AMD XP
1900  - I know it's probably cheaper to dump it but there's enough
stuff in the waste stream.  I maybe able to us it a few more years.

Re: Motherboard for e-machine

On Mon, 14 Jan 2008 18:03:47 -0800 (PST), happy

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Did you want to reuse the existing CPU and memory or not?
Is it running integrated video or has it had a video card
(upgrade?) ?

How about the power supply, what are it's 5V and 12V current
ratings?  These ratings will determine if it can support a
motherboard that uses 5V rail to power the CPU VRM
subcircuit, or if it uses 12V rail to power that.  In other
words if the replacement board expects current the PSU can't
maintain then the PSU might also need replaced.

If the present board is mATX and you want to reuse the CPU
and memory, I suggest going with an nForce2 based board from
Abit, MSI, Asus, Gigabyte, or in a pinch Shuttle or Biostar.
IIRC, most of these makes of nForce2 boards used 12V rail
for CPU VRM power, but Asus and Biostar both made nForce2
boads that used 5V for VRM power (as evidenced by lack of
the 2x2, 4 pin 12V connector on the board as well as others
reports at the time they were contemporary).

You might even be able to get exact same board as the
original, if you looked around on ebay maybe it wouldn't
cost too much.  Normally I wouldn't suggest an exact
replacement of a part that failed prematurely, but the
system may now be several years old and doubling it's
current age might not be so bad if the board doesn't cost
much, plus if you use a different board then WinXP may want
reactivated and if your windows installation came from a
restoration disc it may not even restore from discs anymore
when it sees a different bios ID than it expects from an
eMachine motherboard.

Re: Motherboard for e-machine

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Thanks, that gives some things to consider.

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