Motherboard beeping - Axper XP-K7S748

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I've just bought a new motherboard and transplanted pc components into
it.  However, even though everything is plugged in (I assume)
correctly, the system powers on, and then proceeds to emit a loud
beeping - and has to be turned off to make it stop.  Nothing appears on
the screen, and the motherboard manual and manufacturer's website
doesn't have any information that states what causes this alarm to go
off.  If anyone has any ideas that would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Re: Motherboard beeping - Axper XP-K7S748

On 13 Sep 2005 03:31:40 -0700,

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Try clearing CMOS

Pull out all non-essential components, leaving only CPU,
heatsink/fan, 1 memory module and video.  Retry it and IF it
works, progressively add back components retrying it again.

If the new board or parts significantly differ  in power
consumption (Or voltage rail used to supply the power) you
may have a PSU insufficiency problem.

Lastly, I presume it's a cheap generic board and along with
that it could tend to be buggy or less thoroughly tested.
It could help to have the slowest (bus speed spec'd) CPU the
board can run, and high-spec memory... and go from there,
flashing the bios if possible or just returning the board if
it's too problematic... sometimes a few bucks aren't worth
the hassle.

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