Monitor precendence: DVI or Analog ?

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Hi. I have two big 22" LCD monitors. They are both used by my desktop.
Now, before I buy a laptop, I have the following question Re my plan:
I 've noticed that a good-quality, high-resolution KVM switch is
almost as expensive as a pretty good monitor. I do not plan to look
all day (while not on the road) at the relatively puny 15.4" laptop
monitor, so I plan to hook it up to one of the LCDs on my desk. If I
knew that a monitor which has signal on both the DVI and analog inputs
privileges one or the other, and does not make a mess of the two
signals, I would simply hook up the laptop to the 'main' monitor on,
say, the privileged input, and I would give up, while having the
laptop connected this way, the dual-screen monitor for my desktop - so
now one of my monitors would show the laptop, and one would show the
desktop. The whole point of the exercise is to avoid crawling under
the desk each time I want to 'dock' my laptop while at home. Is this
assumption real ? I.e, does a monitor give 'right of way' to one of
the inputs, when there's signal on both ? Can I avoid buying a KVM ? I
don't have space on my desk for yet another 22 incher !

Ps. None of my monitors have DUAL DVI inputs - they have a DVI and an
analog plug.

Thanks a lot.

Re: Monitor precendence: DVI or Analog ?

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The simple answer is that it varies.  Some monitors will automatically
select one of their inputs if presented with a usable signal on
that input.  Others will switch between inputs on the basis of an
OSD setting.  A few even have dedicated switches to do this.
Without knowing what brand and model of monitor you're using it's
impossible to say more.  Check the manufacturer's website or your
monitor's manual for more information.

I'm curious about your comments regarding KVM switches.  Whilst
the price of these is highly variable (here in the UK between maybe
GBP15 and ten times that for two or four port models, higher still
for the 16 or more port types), you can pick up something perfectly
usable towards the lower end of that price range - GBP20-35 should
see you right.

Andrew Smallshaw

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