Monitor Powering down when i run a game. Why need some help.

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Monitor Powering down when i run a game. Why need some help.

Drove me NUTTS. And still dont know why it stoped. I think it was when
i pluged the VGA cable into the other Vga connector on my monitor. As
this was after i did a full format and reinstall of XP Pro. Was time
for one anyways :)

I tried everything. New Vid drivers,Chipset drivers, Sound drivers,.
Uninstalled all programs i thought were ducking it up. Even
reinstalled Direct x 9.

And after all that gave up and reinstalled. And loaded up all my stuff
and played a game and BOOOM did it again.

Thats when i switched the cord and its worked great every since. About
8 hour sof so.

Just wondering if a weak soilde ror somthing would cause that. I was
thinking that the monitor was set to power saving or some device. So i
turned all that off. Any other power savings i should turn off ??

Iam going to put it back on the other VGA connector and see if that
was the problem.

Thanks for any info.

/PS I also have a 86cm TV connected to my vidcard. Via a Din to
Componet cable. Its my Media TV. Its an Nvidia 6600 Gt and its not


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